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For a great gaming experience with the latest games you often need a high end gaming PC. But which operating system is suitable for the gaming hardware?

Games for the computer are among the programs that are used the most. While many gamers are often aware of what hardware they need for the latest games, choosing the right operating system can be a lot more difficult.

Windows, MacOS, Linux and Ubuntu have their own advantages as operating systems, but not necessarily for gaming. When buying a gaming PC, you should also choose the right operating system if you have the right computer.

Comparison Operating systems for gaming: Windows, MacOS, Linux and Ubuntu

The reason for the purchase of the computer determines what the user must pay attention to. Windows operating systems are often suitable for playing PC games, as most games are developed for that software. In the meantime, there are also some titles for MacOS users on the market – but they are clearly outnumbered.

If you don’t want to spend money on an operating system, you should choose Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Both products are free to download and easy to install.

Linux Mint and Ubuntu are also considered the safest operating systems. This is not due to precautions taken on the part of the developers, but rather because they are less widespread. The goal of computer viruses or Trojans is to gain as much data as possible. Windows and MacOS have more users and data that could potentially be stolen.

The developers of the operating systems increasingly attach importance to a voice program as guide for the user. With the help of artificial intelligence, these programs can answer questions, help with Internet searches or open computer functions.

The assistants usually operate with voice control, which simplifies work on the computer. In Windows this function is called Cortana, in MacOS Catalina Siri and in Linux Mint and Ubuntu Sirius.

The best operating systems and Windows alternatives

  • Windows 10: Best for Gaming
  • MacOS Catalina: Great User Design and Loading Times
  • Linux Mint: Great Safety standards
  • Ubuntu: Good Individualization possibilities

The different Operating systems for Gaming in detail

With a market share of around 90%, Windows is the undisputed market leader among operating systems. The Mac operating system is considered the toughest competitor.

However, for a long time it could hardly inspire more people than the already sworn in fan community, but is currently finding more and more followers and distribution.

Even further down the list are the various Linux distributions, at least some among them are Ubuntu, Gnome and Mint, which are often only used by particularly passionate users with a lot of knowledge. Windows stands out because even the big software manufacturers acknowledge its leading position and concentrate their product development on Windows.

At Apple the choice of software programs is also quite large, but not quite as diverse. That’s because hardware and software come from the same company, and very little external software is really designed for the Mac. The situation is similar with Linux, where mainly open source programs are available. However, most of these are very purpose-oriented, so there is not much choice or need.

The advantage of these two operating systems is that they are very underrepresented and there is hardly any malware for them. For MacOS this is changing a bit. Especially Linux is a very secure operating system. Furthermore, it has a very minimalistic structure and can be modified independently, which means that it requires the least amount of hardware resources such as processor power and RAM.

Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft wants to pave the way for a uniform way of operating each of the technical devices with a Windows version. This means that a computer, tablet, smartphone or Xbox One can be operated and controlled with Windows 10. Zocking together is then possible, but starting work on the computer and continuing on the tablet is no longer a dream.

Windows 10
Windows 10 Home screen

With the Windows 10 trial version, every user can learn about the new features of the 2015 released Windows operating system. The good old Internet Explorer is no longer used, instead a new browser called Spartan is being launched. The start menu required by all users returns in a transparent version and the language assistant Cortana can be started by the user with the voice command ‘Hey Cortana’.

An additional option to control the PC, but also to search for files by voice, brings the corresponding time advantage. In addition, the Lumia technology, which comes from the smartphone sector, was also introduced for thr camera use under Windows 10 and a corresponding app has been integrated.

MacOS Catalina

Apple is committed to delivering a coherent package of software, operating system and device. The developers are constantly modernising the products to maintain their quality. This also applies to the design, which follows a high standard for both hardware and software. With the MacOS Catalina a operating system, the developers always attach great importance to enabling their users to quickly connect the iPhone or Apple Watch to the Mac desktop PC. The operating system provides some innovative comfort functions, such as the automatic unlocking of the Mac as soon as the user is near the computer with his Apple Watch.

MacOS Catalina
MacOS Catalina Home screen

The installation of the MacOS Catalina operating system is directly linked to additional high-quality add-on applications such as Final Cut Pro. Apple’s in-house computer software has a simple design so that the user is not overwhelmed by the variety of programs on the desktop. A further function of the operating system is the automatic memory cleaning. Unopened attachments of old emails, duplicate files and unused documents are moved to the cloud to make room for other applications.

In case of a problem with MacOS Catalina, the consumer can get free help at an Apple Store. The Californian company’s customer service is a big plus for the consumer service and, thanks to the increased number of Apple users, is now also available nationwide in US cities. Otherwise, consumers also have the option of getting help by mail or telephone.

Linux Mint

Users of Linux Mint appreciate two main characteristics of the operating system: stability and security. For the latter, the developers have not developed any special software, but benefit from the low distribution of the operating system. An attack on users of Linux Mint is hardly worthwhile for hackers, since the user share under all operating systems recently only exceeded the two percent mark. Even though the number of consumers is comparatively small, it has been increasing in recent years.

Linux Mint
Linux Mint Home screen

Linux guarantees the before mentioned stability primarily through its own update system. If the user updates his operating system, all other pre-installed Linux programs also renew themselves. In this way the developers guarantee their users a smooth and trouble-free operation of the software. Linux attaches great importance to the fact that users can put together their own programs. This way he can easily remove or add functions and files, which allows him to design his computer individually.

A long time typical flaw of the Linux operating system was the small number of available games. Computers with such an operating system were out of the question for real gamers. Almost every development studio produced exclusively for Windows computers. This gap was at least partially remedied by the Internet sales platform Steam. Some games (such as Rust), which the user can download there, also work on the Linux Mint operating system.


The operating system Ubuntu is also based on Linux. Therefore, this software is very similar to its sister product Mint. Security and stability are also the characteristic features of Ubuntu. The user can assemble the operating system individually and remove or add available programs. Since most software products are produced for Windows, Linux has alternatively created its own pool of applications for its own operating system. These programs include Ubuntu Studio, which is specially designed for editing audio, video or image files.

Ubuntu Home screen

Interested parties can try out Ubuntu without installation. With this operating system, Linux focuses on a slim interface and simple operation. In this way, Ubuntu tries to make the transition to its own user interface as easy as possible. Via the Ubuntu Software Center, similar to an App Store, users can set up their computer from various programs and applications.

The harmonious user interface and the fast, smooth running of the applications ensure a reliable and easy-to-understand operating system. Constant updates optimize the software for the user and ensure a fast, smooth flow of the programs and a constantly modern design.

Windows 8

The innovation par excellence is the introduction of two different startup screens under Windows 8: the tile version, which is specially designed for touch input, and the desktop, which is designed for mouse and keyboard control. A uniform appearance, so that the user feels at home immediately on both the PC and a smartphone with Windows operating system.

Windows 8
Windows 8 Home screen

In addition, the online memory creates a central point where all data can be called up and changed by different systems. With the latest version of Internet Explorer, the consistent approach to Internet browsing is continued and the user can rely on the features. Support for the new ReFS file format is also guaranteed by Windows 8. In order to enable the user to download new programs, the Windows Store is made available to the user.

Windows 7

Since October 2009 Windows 7 can be purchased in stores. For the private user the three versions Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium are to be mentioned.

The Starter version of the Windows operating system is aimed more at use with a small netbook and offers limited media player use.

Windows 7
Windows 7 Home screen

The other two variants are supplied with support for 32-bit, but also 64-bit versions. In the Home Basic variant, the RAM is limited to a maximum of 4GB in the 32-bit variant and 8GB in the 64-bit variant.

The Windows 7 Home Premium version allows the use of up to 16GB of RAM and also includes the complete Windows Media Center and additional games. Thus, the user has all possibilities to use the computer running Windows 7 for creating documents, browsing the Internet and playing videos.

Why do i need a operating software for gaming ?

What operating systems are needed for is already explained by the term itself. An operating system is required if the computer is to be operated with programs and applications. It must ensure that all components of the computer work together. If the mouse is moved on the desktop, the operating system performs several tasks at once. It registers the movement of the mouse – assisted by an electrical component located on the motherboard.

It also calculates how far and where the mouse has been moved. The operating system provides the information to all programs that are open. In cooperation with the graphics card, it ensures that the mouse pointer moves visibly on the screen. Of course, the operating system takes on far more complex tasks, but only the display of the mouse requires a lot of work in the background.

Anyone who purchases a PC on which, for example, Microsoft Windows is pre-installed should know that it contains not only the operating system itself, but also other additional programs. These are tools that are necessary for example for cleaning up the hard disk, burning a CD and other tasks. Graphics programs, games and word processing are also included.

In every operating system there is a search function with which pre-installed programs and functions can be found.

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