Best Tablets for PUBG – Player Unkown’s Battleground (2020)

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Performance Winner
2020 Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB) - Space Gray (4th Generation)
Best Price-Performance Ratio
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6- 10.5" 128GB, Wifi Tablet - SM-T860NZBAXAR, Cloud Blue
Apple iPad Air (10.5-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Space Gray (3rd Generation)
Apple iPad Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Apple iPad Air 3
Test Result
Test Result 9.9/10 Excellent July 2020
Test Result 9.8/10 Excellent July 2020
Test Result 9.6/10 Very Good July 2020
6 GB
3 GB
A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture
Qualcomm 855
A12 Bionic chip with 64‑bit architecture
Storage Capacity
128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB
128GB / 256GB
64GB or 256GB
Can memory be upgraded?
Value for money
Display Size
12.9 inche
10.5 inch
10.5 inch
  • Amazing screen in a small body
  • Unrivaled Gaming Performance for Minecraft & Co.
  • Excellent speakers
  • Typing is easy on the Smart Keyboard
  • Fast Gaming performance
  • Powerful speakers
  • S Pen and Samsung Notes are useful
  • BookCover Keyboard has a touchpad
  • Excellent camera
  • Hundreds of Dollars cheaper than the iPad Pro
  • Large high-res Retina display
  • A12 chip is blazing fast
  • Great battery life
  • No USB-C storage device support
  • DeX mode still feels unfinished
  • No Face ID
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Performance Winner
2020 Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB) - Space Gray (4th Generation)
Apple iPad Pro
Test Result
Test Result 9.9/10 Excellent July 2020
6 GB
A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture
Storage Capacity
128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB
Can memory be upgraded?
Value for money
Display Size
12.9 inche
  • Amazing screen in a small body
  • Unrivaled Gaming Performance for Minecraft & Co.
  • Excellent speakers
  • Typing is easy on the Smart Keyboard
  • No USB-C storage device support
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Best Price-Performance Ratio
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6- 10.5" 128GB, Wifi Tablet - SM-T860NZBAXAR, Cloud Blue
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Test Result
Test Result 9.8/10 Excellent July 2020
Qualcomm 855
Storage Capacity
128GB / 256GB
Can memory be upgraded?
Value for money
Display Size
10.5 inch
  • Fast Gaming performance
  • Powerful speakers
  • S Pen and Samsung Notes are useful
  • BookCover Keyboard has a touchpad
  • Excellent camera
  • DeX mode still feels unfinished
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Apple iPad Air (10.5-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Space Gray (3rd Generation)
Apple iPad Air 3
Test Result
Test Result 9.6/10 Very Good July 2020
3 GB
A12 Bionic chip with 64‑bit architecture
Storage Capacity
64GB or 256GB
Can memory be upgraded?
Value for money
Display Size
10.5 inch
  • Hundreds of Dollars cheaper than the iPad Pro
  • Large high-res Retina display
  • A12 chip is blazing fast
  • Great battery life
  • No Face ID
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Best Tablets for PUBG – Player Unkown’s Battleground

The older ones among you can still remember the days of the Nokia 3310.

We spent our time with Snake and Co. and the battery could last for weeks without the phone ever having to be plugged in.

Since 2007 a lot has happened and smartphones conquered our trouser and carry bags.

Playing PUBG – Player Unkown’s Battleground on your Tablet is an amzing experience.

With the development of ever larger displays and touch screens, more and more devices came onto the market, including the tablet PC.

Strictly speaking, this is a large Smartphone, which also has the same capabilities except for making phone calls, although this is now also possible with the Tablet PC.

With a larger display between 8 and 12 inches, you can check mails, surf, play or work.

Modern devices have already replaced the notebook or PC, so that you can always use your slim working device.

And this is also the big advantage of a tablet, because its weight and dimensions are a fraction of those of a notebook.

Even the performance has reached PC level, making the tablet the best all-rounder for home and on the go.

It can be controlled either via a large touch screen or external input devices such as a keyboard or mouse.

Test Results: Best Tablets for PUBG – Player Unkown’s Battleground

Normally we always try to create a good mix of cheap devices with the high-end segment, but this is hardly possible with gaming tablet PCs, because here it’s simply the raw performance that counts, which you get almost exclusively in the upper price segment.

All the tested Laptop are truly the Best Tablets for PUBG on the market today.

Best Tablet for PUBG & Gaming: Apple iPad Pro


  • Amazing screen in a small body
  • Slimmed bezel design look great
  • USB-C port makes life easier
  • Unrivaled Gaming & PUBG performance
  • Excellent speakers


  • No USB-C storage device support

Best Performance for the Best Tablet for PUBG

Apple has introduced the fourth generation of its iPad Pro.

With a trackpad function, the tablet now almost becomes a notebook. But the highlight is a radar-like scanner on the back.

Apple has its very own experience with product presentations in difficult times of crisis.

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod on October 23, 2001, the world was still in shock from the “9/11” attacks.

But the difficult circumstances did not prevent the MP3 player from winning the race.

In a very short time, it developed into a solid foundation for Apple’s new music empire.

Now, in the middle of the Corona crisis, Apple is introducing generation four of its iPad Pro.

It is intended to be more than just a tablet computer.

The first external distinguishing feature of the two new Pro models with 11-inch or 12.9-inch screens is the new camera system.

It consists of a wide-angle lens (12 megapixels, f/1.8 aperture) and an ultra-wide-angle lens (10 megapixels, f/2.4 aperture).

This allows video recording in 4K resolution (3840 to 2160 pixels) at 60 frames per second, amazing for playong PUBG on the Best Tablet for PUBG.

The new iPad Pro doesn’t offer a real optical zoom like the iPhone 11 Pro due to the lack of a telephoto lens.

New iPad Pro has a special sensor

But one thing is really new: a LiDAR scanner on the back that even the best iPhone does not have yet.

LiDAR (“Light Detection and Ranging”) is a method of optical distance and speed measurement similar to radar.

It is known from autonomously driving cars, space travel or robot vacuum cleaners.

The iPad Pro models can use it to detect their surroundings.

The complex measurement technology is intended to improve the accuracy and speed of augmented reality (AR) applications.

If the iPad can capture its surroundings more precisely, virtual objects in space simply look more realistic – for example, the AR apps from furniture stores like Ikea, so that even before you buy, you can get an idea of what an armchair or a lamp in the still empty living room will look like later.

This works impressively well in tests.

With the previous pure camera technology, it happened again and again that the AR objects were slightly hovering over the floor, somewhat unrealistically.

The technology has potential: interior designers or craftsmen could soon discover such a tablet as a standard tool.

But the new AR capabilities will also delight the gaming community.

At the iPad presentation, Apple had the game “Hot Lava” demonstrated.

Here, the real game environment in the living room is flooded by a virtual lava stream.

Players must use skill and speed to make their game characters jump from the TV table and stool to the sofa so that they do not sink in the red-hot lava in between.

iPad Pro with plenty of processor power – Best Tablet for PUBG

In order to not only achieve precise positioning in space, but also to ensure that graphics-intensive games like “Hot Lava” run smoothly, the new iPad Pro contains a chip called A12Z.

Together with an eight-core GPU, it is supposed to deliver significantly more performance than the A10X and A12X chips of the previous iPad Pro.

That shows in playing top games like PUBG on Tablet.

In everyday life, the difference in processor power is hardly noticeable, because even the two-year-old iPad Pro has hardly been exhausted so far.

With the trackpad function Apple closes the gap between tablets and notebooks enormously.

When you move your finger over a paired trackpad, the pointer changes to highlight elements of the user interface.

So the function does not only conjure a cursor on the screen in text documents. In the app overview, a small round circle shows where the virtual fingertip is currently located.

By May, a new version of an iPad keyboard from Apple (“Magic Keyboard”) with a built-in trackpad will also be available.

Accessory manufacturer Logitech has also announced a combination of protective cover and keyboard for the iPad Pro. In purely optical terms, the iPad Pro thus comes very close to a laptop.

Work better with the iPad Pro

And the gain in comfort is noticeable. It’s much easier to edit text or spreadsheets with a mouse or trackpad. The iPad Pro is not only the Best Tablet for PUBG, but also a work machine.

An input pen such as the Apple Pencil can also make intuitive work easier.

For many knowledge workers, this could make the purchase of a classic laptop unnecessary.

Especially since more and more special programs such as a client for SAP’s financial and merchandise management systems are becoming available for iPad OS.

To benefit from the new trackpad control, you don’t even need the latest generation of iPad Pro hardware.

Starting with iOS version 13.4, the previous generation also supports finger wiping on the trackpad.

This allows you to use certain finger gestures to fully control the iPad without having to touch the screen.

This is especially practical if you have the tablet standing upright in front of you like a laptop.

An example: If you swipe upwards with three fingers, you get to the start page.

A three-finger swipe upwards calls up the App-Switcher, with which you can switch between different programs.

And a right-click on the trackpad is triggered by a two-finger click.

Verdict: The Best Laptop for PUBG now closer to Windows tablets

With this development, the iPad comes closer to the concept of Windows tablets, as most prominently represented by Microsoft with the Surface Pro 7.

However, you won’t find the selection of high-quality AR apps for the Windows device that is available to the owner of an iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro is available with an 11-inch display and newly doubled entry level memory of 128 gigabytes from 879 Dollar.

The larger 12.9-inch version starts at 1099 Dollar.

A steep surcharge of 170 Dollar is payable for LTE radio.

Doubling the memory to 256 GB costs 110 Dollar more, 512 GB costs an additional 330 Dollar and 1 terabyte costs 550 Dollar more.

2nd Best Tablet for PUBG & Gaming: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6


  • Fast performance
  • S Pen and Samsung Notes are useful
  • Powerful speakers
  • Excellent cameras
  • Integrated S Pen charging


  • DeX mode still feels unfinished

2nd Best Tablet for PUBG & Gaming

Visually, not much has changed in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 in comparison to its predecessor, but technically, there are significant advances to report.

Is that enough for rnaking it in the Best Tablets for PUBG?

Design of the Second Best Tablet for PUBG

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a real board – in a double sense.

On the one hand, it’s large and ultra-flat, and on the other, it’s really chic and high-quality.

The device is not even 6 millimeters thin, the manufacturer mentions 244.5 × 159.5 × 5.7 millimeters and a weight of 420 grams – that’s record-breaking, even if it’s even slightly more than the very similar looking Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

Despite its smaller screen, the current iPad 10.2 is clearly larger and heavier in all dimensions – and with the Apple model, no one would certainly speak of “heavy” or “sweeping”.

The Samsung tablet is also chic and high-quality.

The edges on the front are equally narrow on all sides, measuring significantly less than 1 centimeter.

Among other things, this is made possible by the fact that Samsung uses an inprint fingerprint sensor in its tablets for the first time, which is not in the frame but hidden under the display.

The sides and back are made entirely of matt metal, with rounded corners on the back.

Even without the 2.5D glass, users won’t feel any sharp edges when holding the Galaxy Tab S6.

There are narrow plastic joints embedded in the metal that serve as antennas.

The workmanship is top class, a transition of the materials is not noticeable.

The keys for volume and power are also perfectly manufactured and have an optimal pressure point and key stroke.

In portrait format, there are two loudspeaker openings each on the front and foot side, which are placed correspondingly on the left and right in landscape format – for example when watching videos – and allow a nice stereo effect.

Then four pogo pins are visible on the bottom side for charging the device when it is plugged into a keyboard or similar accessories.

On the back side, besides the antenna joints, the dual camera, which protrudes slightly out of the case, stands out on the one hand.

In addition, Samsung has now inserted an elongated hollow underneath the camera into the ultra-thin tablet, in which the external stylus can be magnetically stored and charged.

All in all, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a high-quality and elegant appearance.

Display of the 2nd Best Tablet for PUBG

Samsung uses OLED displays in its top products – and increasingly also in the mid-range.

This is no different with the new Galaxy Tab S6.

As with the previous Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, the screen measures 10.5 inches and again has a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels.

This puts the Samsung model just ahead of the current iPad 10.2 or iPad Pro with 264 pixels per inch in terms of image sharpness, but the 288 PPI are not much better.

Accordingly, a real difference in image sharpness is hardly noticeable.

Both values are very good for tablets, but nobody should complain about an unsharp picture on the iPad or Tab S6.

Instead, the display of the Samsung model pleases with strong contrasts, a great black level and excellent viewing angle stability – OLEDs, that is.

We measured the brightness of the screen in the test with a very uniform 280 cd/m² in manual mode and around 450 cd/m² in automatic mode.

These are also decent values that shouldn’t cause any major problems in readability even in summer outdoors.

Somewhat surprising is the absence of an always-on display – especially with OLEDs this is a very good way to display frequently used information like time, date and missed messages in an energy-saving way.

The manufacturer’s OLED smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (review) or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (review), all come with this practical feature without exception.


The predecessor still had a single 13-megapixel camera, but the new Galaxy Tab S6 has a second lens with 5 megapixels that allows wide-angle shots of over 120 degrees.

For selfies, there is a camera with 8 megapixels, f/2.0 aperture and 1.12 µm pixels, the main camera uses an aperture of f/2.0 and f/2.2 (5 MP) and a pixel size of 1µm and 1.12µm – doesn’t sound so bad, especially since tablets are often neglected with the camera.

In fact, the quality of photos and videos is pretty decent, for a tablet even really good.

Colours are captured into memory intensively but sufficiently naturally, and in good light there is nothing to criticise in terms of image sharpness, noise behaviour and dynamics of the main camera.

The wide-angle lens looks a little different. Here, the sharpness and level of detail are visibly worse, especially at the lateral edges.

Noise is also visible here even in good light, but the image dynamics are decent.

We very much liked the shots of the larger main and front camera with artificial bokeh – both with special live focus mode and without.

There were hardly any image errors here.

Overall, photos taken with the front camera are of sufficient quality, even if they don’t quite come close to the quality of the main camera in terms of sharpness and dynamics.

In videos, the Galaxy Tab S6 scores primarily with the good image stabilization, but there is air at the top in the image sharpness due to the limitation to Full-HD.

Top Hardware for the almost Best Tablet for PUBG

Thin, chic and ultra fast – that’s the right summary for the Samsung Glaxy Tab S6.

The speed comes from the built-in Qualcomm Snapdragn 855 in combination with – depending on the version – 6 or 8 GByte RAM.

The version with 8 GByte tested by us doesn’t afford any jerking or hooks, everything runs smoothly and reacts quickly. In the Antutu benchmark,

the Galaxy Tab S6 underpinned the subjective impressions with a whopping 352,500 points and thus presented itself as the fastest Android tablet on the market.

Only a handful of Android smartphones like Asus Zenfone 6 (review), Xiaomi Mi 9 (review) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (review) are faster.

Data, such as music and movies, land either in the 128 or 256 GB internal memory or on up to 1 TByte memory cards in micro SD format.

The tablet is perfectly suited for both media: The tablet’s four AKG speakers deliver high volume with clear and amazingly full sound. Connected via Bluetooth LE 5.0 or USB-C-3.1, users can also enjoy Dolby Atmos and access equalizers and UHQ upscalers.

The tablet lacks an AKG headset, which is included with the Samsung Galaxy Note (review), for example.

Videos are a lot of fun with the magnificent display of the Galaxy Tab S6 in combination with the powerful speakers.

Samsung gives the new Galaxy Tab S6 an S-pen, the Tab S5e didn’t have that.

However, the stylus doesn’t appear to be properly integrated into the Tab S6 either, at least when it comes to transporting and storing the pen.

This is because, in contrast to the miniaturized pens in the Note series of smartphones, Samsung uses a normal-sized pen in the tablet, which is also roughly the thickness of a ballpoint pen.

Accordingly, the S-Pen with its refill, which can detect up to 4096 pressure levels, no longer fits into the tablet.

Instead, it is simply placed in a matching recess in the back of the tablet, where it is magnetically held and charged.

Unfortunately, the holding power of the magnet is not excessively high, so that the pen cannot be transported safely in this way – it will come loose as soon as it is even slightly touched.

Also, with the stylus attached, the tablet no longer lies flat on a straight surface.

At least it won’t tip over when lying on the stylus.

The S-Pen recharges completely within minutes and then allows up to 11 hours of standby time.

This is of course reduced when used.

Apart from simple drawing, writing and use as a more precise control element, the S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 can also be used as a remote trigger for the camera, for browsing through the picture gallery or PowerPoint, as well as in the music player, just like in the current note models.

The range is up to 10 meters. As an accessory, Samsung offers, among other things, a keyboard called Book Cover Keyboard with a stand so that users can use the tablet like a laptop.

The keyboard not only has a trackpad, but also a dedicated DEX key.

In DEX mode, the user interface switches to a PC-like UI similar to Windows.

The Galaxy Tab S6 should thus become a full-fledged PC replacement in combination with an additional monitor or TV. With the LTE version this also works without WLAN.

Multitasking is also possible without DEX. Samsung extends Android 9 Pie with various functions via its One-UI 1.5, including a dual-window view, where two apps are shown on the display at the same time.

By the way, the security patch on our test device was from July – this should be more up-to-date in view of the tablet’s high price.

Battery of the 2nd Best Tablet for PUBG

The energy storage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a capacity of 7040 mAh and provides for decent endurance.

Even under intensive use, most users should get through the day well; in PC-Mark’s battery test, the tablet lasted over 11 hours.

Those who only occasionally grab the tablet will get along well with charging once or twice a week.

With such a large battery, a full charge takes just under 3 hours, which is okay.

There is no such thing as wireless charging – apart from the stylus.

Best price-performance ratio in Best Tablets for PUBG & Games

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is available in the three colours Rose Blush, Mountain Grey and Cloud Blue.

There are also WLAN-only and LTE versions as well as variants with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory and 8/256 GB.

At the time of the test, the cheapest WLAN version cost from 683 Dollar, the cheapest LTE variant 777 Dollar – this also roughly corresponds to the price of the WLAN version with the larger memory equipment.

All in all, for gamers and PUBG player the Galaxy Tab S6 offer the best price-performance ratio of all ranked Best Tablets for PUBG & Gaming.

3rd Best Tablet for PUBG & Gaming: Apple iPad Air 3


  • Hundreds less than the iPad Pro
  • Large high-res Retina display
  • A12 chip is blazing fast for PUBG & Gaming
  • Great battery life


  • No Face ID

Cheapest option in Best Tablets for PUBG

In the spring Apple secretly presented the iPad Air 3 via press release.

It is sold as a mid-range device, although it is not even that different from the iPad Pro.

Let’s take a look at what we’re actually dealing with here at the beginning, because the manufacturer has several tablets in its range – let’s start with the cheapest device.

There we have the iPad 7, which comes with 32 gigabytes of memory and a comparatively older processor.

Then we have the iPad Air 3 and the iPad mini, which are in the middle class, and at the top we have the iPad Pro.

Now that that’s settled, we can start with the actual report of the 3rd Best Tablet for PUBG.

Unboxing and initial setup of the Third Best Tablet for PUBG

Apple packed the latest iPad Air in a typical company packaging.

This means that a photo of the product is visible on the top side, two Apple logos on each side and the product name twice.

Once the outermost plastic layer is removed, the lid can be lifted (a bit difficult, but still).

You can already see the air. Underneath: A Lightning-to-USB cable, a (much too slow) five-volt adapter, some notes and the obligatory Apple stickers.

The first setup of the iPad is very simple.

Just turn on the device, select the language and country, enter the Apple ID, import possible backups and wait a short time until the software automatically configures the last things.

After a good 15 minutes, the user can already use his new tablet.

The iPad is also available in two additional, separately purchased packages.

The first one contains the Apple Pencil with a small charging adapter, a spare tip and some paperwork.

The pen can be set up by activating Bluetooth on the iPad Air 3 and plugging it into the Lightning port.

A pairing request should appear after a few seconds. In the box, the one with the Smart Keyboard, you’ll only find the keyboard cover, which is simply plugged into the Smart Connectors.

Design and finish

The latest Air still belongs to the iPads with the “old” design.

Although not too different from the other Best Tablets for PUBG, but still noticable.

This means that the corners and edges have been rounded off towards the sides and there is still a home button and headphone jack.

This home button hides the obligatory sensor for Touch ID, with which you can unlock your iPad and make purchases in the App Store.

Although I haven’t been able to try out the newer technology, namely Face ID, I guess I like Touch ID better in comparison.

After all, it is enough to press the button to unlock the tablet.

With the “old” look comes a bit thicker display edges than on the current iPad Pros.

At first I thought that this would bother me a bit, as I’m usually a fan of thin edges, but I got used to the spacing up to the touch screen.

With the iPad Air 3, Apple (again) uses a Lightning port for charging and data exchange – not a USB-C.

At first it bothered me a bit that I now need another cable and more adapters, but even these thoughts vanished after a few days.

Nevertheless I think that my next iPad will have USB-C, because I have less cables and dongles to carry around.

On the right side is the slot for the SIM and the volume control, on top is the power button.

Next to the connector you can see two loudspeaker grids.

The stereo effect is not available for buyers of the iPad Air.

Although I use headphones for media enjoyment in 99 percent of the cases, I still used the integrated speakers a few times.

Sure, they’re not nearly as good as those of the iPad Pro, but they’re not really bad either.

The sound is very clear and loud and is enough for the occasional music enjoyment.

Nevertheless, it can happen from time to time that the grilles for the speakers are inadvertently covered.

A special feature are the three dots on the left side, which are the connectors for Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

The iPad is made entirely of aluminum on the back and glass on the front. The whole package feels very high-quality and doesn’t break so easily, which is good when “tilting” in PUBG.

Nevertheless, with a weight of 456 grams (464 grams with LTE) it is very light.

I once dropped the device from my table and it didn’t get a single scratch.

The company from Cupertino also sells the device in several colours: Space grey (my model), silver and gold.

Display: Without 120 Hertz refresh rate

The display of the latest model of the Air series is 10.5 inches in size and has a resolution of 1668 x 2224 pixels.

It supports True Tone, which means that the colour temperature of the panel adapts to ambient light.

So if it’s darker outside, the image will turn slightly orange, as this is easier on the eyes in the dark.

It’s enabled by default, but you can easily disable it in the settings – I’ve done that, too, because the constant changing of the colour annoyed me and the fake colours interfere with the image editing.

But I’ve also heard from many sides that people are very satisfied with the True-Tone feature.

What is also not supported is the 120 hertz refresh rate, no, we only get 60 hertz here.

But what difference does that make? The iPad Air 3’s display updates its content 60 times per second, which is equivalent to 60 hertz and more than sufficient, as all other Best Tablets for PUBG have the same score here.

We’re already used to that on most smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, so it’s practically standard.

The difference with 120 hertz is that it looks a lot shakier in comparison, because there are fewer updates.

But in my opinion, this is not noticeable if you haven’t used a device or iPad with such a repetition rate before.

Meaning that the 60 Hertz didn’t bother me at all and most buyers will probably feel the same.

Accessories: Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

Let’s go back in detail to the accessories I bought for the iPad Air 3, namely the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

Let’s start with the Apple Pencil, which I basically like very much. It lies like a pencil in the hand, is very light and after a few days the writing feeling, which seems unusual at the beginning due to the smooth surface, is also very great.

My colleague once even said that my handwriting is more beautiful with it than on paper.

But it also has a few disadvantages, which Apple partly corrected in the second generation for the current iPad Pro.

Probably the biggest drawback is the lack of a magnet, which means that you always have to hold the stylus separately or use a third-party gadget to store the pen.

Also not nice: the charging process. While you simply pin the second generation to the iPad Pro, the first generation is charged via the Lightning port.

That doesn’t only look funny, but is also extremely impractical.

Moreover, the protective cap of the pencil can get lost very easily.

Last but not least, I noticed that the pen tip can easily get scratched, which is why there is a reserve in the packaging.

Now we continue with the Smart Keyboard.

Also for the iPad Air Apple offers only the first generation, the second one is again only compatible with the iPad Pro.

This has an advantage, but also a disadvantage. The good thing is that the cover can be folded so that the iPad turns into a small stand TV.

But the bad thing is again that it can take a few days to get used to the somewhat complicated folding mechanism.

Moreover, working on your lap and uneven surfaces is rather unpractical, as the tablet tips over very easily.

However, the writing feeling is very good in my eyes.

Equipment of the Third Best Tablet for PUBG

And now we want to take a look inside the iPad.

The device is powered by an A12 Bionic, which was used in last year’s iPhones, and has three gigabytes of RAM.

The latter may look a bit stale, but it is surprisingly sufficient.

RAM management is something Apple seems to be very good at.

When it comes to memory capacity, the user can choose between two different options: 64 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes.

A SIM card slot, with which the iPad can connect to the Internet, is optional.

I have the LTE model with 64 gigabytes and must say that I’m very happy with the choice.

I don’t regret the choice of memory size, although it’s “only” 64 gigabytes – I just used 20 gigabytes of it.

I’ve never had any problems with the performance, the A12 Bionic handles all tasks very well – from simple browsing to photo editing with the new Photoshop app, everything runs smoothly.

The battery is both a curse and a blessing.

Let’s first get to the blessing, which would be the size of the battery.

With 8134 milliampere-hours, I can use the tablet for at least a full day, so that I still have at least 30 percent residual charge in the evening.

If the good piece is then times empty, the curse comes out, that is the charging speed.

The problem here is that Apple only includes a 10-watt power supply, which means that it can take 3.5 hours (wtf?!) until the battery is full again.

Something like this simply cannot be allowed to happen in 2019.

The logical consequence for me was to go to Amazon to buy a fast power adapter. That made the situation a lot more bearable.

Software: iPadOS for the Third Best Tablet for PUBG

Continue with the software.

When I bought the iPad Air 3, it was still running iOS 12, and just a week later the update to iPadOS 13 was available – and I think that made it even better.

At first sight, nothing changed at all.

Everything looked as it was before the update.

If you then go to the settings, it gets more exciting.

There’s an option for a system-wide dark mode and an option for displaying more apps per home screen page.

The widget bar on the start screen also has a place.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You can now also use computer mice and external storage media.

Improved multitasking with the ability to use multiple instances of an app at once is also on board. Just like a new slide-over window.

Unfortunately, there are also some bugs which do not restrict the use unpleasantly, but still attract attention.

One of them is the bug that the dock often aligns itself wrong, but the rest of the home screen does.

It is also a bit annoying when it feels like a new system update appears daily.

But a look in the App Store is enough to lift my spirits again.

There are a lot of apps there that are very nicely designed and can be really useful.

At school, for example, I use GoodNotes in conjunction with the Apple Pencil, just like MyScript Calculator or PDF Expert 7 from Readdle.

You can also find the exclusive Apple arcade games there.

Another nice thing is that you get one year of Apple TV+ as a gift with your purchase.

The update also improved the Safari browser.

The Safari browser now makes websites believe that the iPad is a Mac, which is why sites like WhatsApp Web suddenly work.

In addition, you can now work better with sites like Google Docs, and Apple implemented a decent download manager.

Makes it easy to get PUBG going.

Camera top compared with other Best Tablets for PUBG

Although the iPad has an eight megapixel camera with an f/2.4 aperture and video recording at 1080p, I did not judge the camera as a smartphone, as I personally do not take pictures with a tablet.

I mainly used the device for scanning documents and papers – the lens was always sufficient for that.

The 1080p front camera has a seven-megapixel resolution.

For video calls with FaceTime it’s enough, but for selfie-photography I prefer to use a smartphone.

Prices and availability

The iPad Air 3 is best bought from Amazon, because there you can choose flexibly between the configurations and colors.

The starting price is 549 Dollar.

The surcharge to 256 gigabytes costs almost 200 Dollar, while the upgrade to the LTE variant costs 140 Dollar.

Verdict: Third Best Tablet for PUBG

In the end, there are two things that should decide whether you buy an iPad Pro or whether you can already get by with iPad Air.

The first of these two things is the design.

The Pro is the first Apple tablet in a long time with a new look, while the Air still comes with the “old” look.

The second thing is the display.

The touchscreen of my model still has a 60 hertz refresh rate, the more expensive Apple model offers 120 hertz, which can make a difference especially when working professionally.

I myself do not regret buying the iPad Air 3.

The device is very reliable in everyday life and apart from programming for school and my side job,

I can do everything I want to do on the thing.

Even writing and publishing articles for a website works surprisingly well.

Especially playing PUBG is very cool and a lot of fun

And as good as the battery life of the iPad is, the longer the charging time is, the worse it is.

I really hope that the next generation of the Air series will come with a faster power supply.

The iPad Air 3 ranks third among the Best Tablets for PUBG & we can definitely recommend it for a smaller budget.

PUBG Gaming Tablet Buyer’s Guide

If you look at the huge range of tablets on Amazon, for example, you quickly realize that the market is almost saturated.

From devices starting at 50 Dollar up to 1200 Dollar and more, you have an enormous range of products available.

However, if you are explicitly looking for a device that allows you to play games like PUBG fluently, the market suddenly shrinks considerably.

The differences between a normal tablet and a gaming device are enormous. Apart from the hard facts like the processor and graphics processors, the display and operation are also very important.

But you should also keep an eye on the battery performance, because the best tablet is of no use to you if it runs out of breath after an hour of gaming.

In the following sections we will explain to you which specifications you should definitely pay attention to.

What is “jerking” in the game? Do the Best Tablets for PUBG jerk?

Before we turn our attention to the hardware, we need to clarify why you absolutely need a suitable tablet for gaming.

In recent years, not only the technology but also the software has made a huge leap forward.

You can see that primarily in the pretty and almost realistic looking graphics.

Some games almost reach the level of a Playstation 4, which of course ensures that there must also be enough power available.

If your tablet doesn’t manage to provide enough performance, the game won’t start at all or it “jerks”.

This results in a faltering game progress, because the picture has to be recalculated again and again.

Affectionately called a “slide show” by many gamers, nobody wants a game that doesn’t work smoothly.

Therefore you should always rely on sufficiently fast hardware.

Performance counts – the most important components in a gaming tablet

Of course, as with a gaming PC or gaming notebook, the performance data of a tablet is also a key factor when you want to play games with it.

Below you can see what hardware your tablet should have or what you should look out for first.

CPU / Main Processor of the Best Tablets for PUBG

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the heart of every modern technical device, whether computer or tablet PC.

The construction of modern hardware is almost always the same, so your first glance here should be on the CPU. It is responsible for calculating all processes that work in the background.

No matter if you open a program or a game, the processor actively influences the overall speed.

So it not only makes sure that your game opens quickly, but also that it doesn’t jerk.

To be prepared for the future, you should make sure you have at least four cores, although eight cores are even more future-proof.

For example, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 uses the Snapdragon 820 with four cores, while Apple’s iPad Pro 2018 uses the A12X Bionic processor, which already has eight cores.

The latter is therefore almost 90% faster than the version in Samsung’s flagship.

GPU / graphics processor of the Best Tablets for PUBG

Even though the CPU is the heart of the entire system, the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the most important processor when it comes to gaming.

It is responsible for calculating the graphics you see on the screen.

The faster the GPU, the smoother and better your games will run.

If you invest in a gaming tablet with the latest GPU, you will be able to enjoy the latest games for a long time.

Unlike gaming PCs and notebooks, the GPU is located directly in the main processing unit, so you should pay attention to the CPU again.

The two examples above also bring fast GPUs to your home.

RAM / Working memory the Best Tablet for PUBG should have?

All data calculated during the game must be buffered for processing.

This is where the RAM (Random Access Memory) comes into play. It receives all data, stores it and passes it on for further processing.

The more extensive, beautiful and complex a game is, the more data is needed for this and the more memory you need.

Four gigabytes of RAM are already commonplace in many tablets, but some manufacturers are taking it much further.

You can now get devices with eight or even 16 gigabytes of RAM.

What sounds like a lot at first, will give you much more fun in the future.

Superb graphics – the display decides which is the Best Tablet for PUBG

Even if your tablet has the ability to display current games reasonably and smoothly, you’ll never enjoy these beautiful graphics if your display cannot show them.

The difference between a cheap tablet with a fairly cheaply produced screen and a modern tablet with a high contrast display is huge.

But it’s not only the display, but also the brightness of modern displays that separates the wheat from the chaff.

You will notice this especially quickly outdoors when the sun shines directly on your gaming tablet. Cheap tablets then often have too little luminosity to display the screen content sufficiently strongly.

High-quality systems come with 400, 500 or even more candelas per m² and thus ensure a sharp and clearly visible image even in strong light.

Be sure to pay attention to the technology in the screen, because that’s what you can rely on the most.

For example, Samsung’s Super AMOLED display or Apple’s Liquid Retina is a special experience.

But other manufacturers such as Huawei & Co. are already bringing their own technologies to the market, and these are very impressive.

Tip: The manufacturer’s specifications are often useless values from the laboratory that have little to do with reality. Browse some test sites that perform display tests with the help of special devices. Only here will you get really useful information.
The size is important!

Okay, the headline may sound a bit lurid, but size is more important than you always thought, without wanting to digress.

Of course games on large displays are always the most fun, because you can experience more of the game world.

Even longer games are less exhausting than on a smaller display.

Unfortunately, playing with a 10.1-inch device or larger can be a bit tiring for your arms or hands in the long run.

In addition, you need very large hands to get all the touch elements in games.

Also some “clamp controllers” between which you can clamp a tablet are often not designed for this size.

But in the end, you decide which display size you want to play on.

Connections – Better without than with cable for the Best Tablet for PUBG

Even though we refer to the cables in the article, you don’t have to pay attention to possible connections when buying a tablet.

Only if you still have older peripherals like headphones or similar, it makes sense to look at a 3.5mm jack connector.

More modern devices can be connected to your tablet via Bluetooth.

These include headphones, keyboards, mice, and even gamepads.

That way, you don’t have a tangled mess of cables on your tablet, and modern peripherals often have better technology.

All Tablet PCs, young and old, have a Bluetooth module.

The only thing that makes sense is a fast USB type C port, which can power your tablet for charging and also act as a port for an external display.

You have to check the latter separately, because not all USB type-C ports have this function.

Tip: The USB 3.1 Type-C slot allows you to connect simple power banks to your tablet. The big advantage is that your mobile companion will not run out of breath even on longer journeys.
Equipment is important for the Best Tablet for PUBG.

A tablet PC, whether gaming or not, should also have sufficient equipment.

Of course you want to play with it in the first place, but smaller gimmicks or features are always a bonus.

In addition to the raw power, we recommend that you have a powerful GPS module, which will not only allow you to use your gaming tablet as a navigation device, but also to track your path if you get lost playing Pokemon Go.

You should also make sure you have a decent camera, as today’s tablets can now “shoot” better photos than cheap digital cameras.

With a high resolution front camera, high quality video conferencing is also possible.

Tip for gamers: If your gaming tablet is also splash-proof, it’s no problem to use it in a swimming pool, on the beach or on a rainy Pokemon Go Tour.

Other tablets may show defects after a while due to corrosion or fine sand.

Android or iOS – is the operating system important for the Best Tablet for PUBG?

A question that divides the nation: Android or iOS?

If we look purely at games and performance, like PUBG, it is almost irrelevant which operating system you choose.

While you’ll find iOS only on Apple-owned devices, you can choose the best model for you from thousands of Android systems.

However, games on the iOS store are often a little more expensive than on Android because Apple charges a little more.

And Android also offers a wide variety of free games that are always a few cents more at the Apple App Store.

But with an Apple device, you buy the most powerful hardware on the market.

So in the end, the decision is all yours.

Gaming with plenty of stamina – battery power of the Best Tablets for PUBG

Besides performance, battery power is the second most important feature of a gaming tablet PC.

While normal all-round tablets will keep you surfing for hours on end, they can quickly run out of juice when playing games.

Especially in heated gaming battles, this should never happen at home, but especially on the road.

For this reason, you must rely on a large battery that has proven its endurance in gaming tests.

Attention: When selecting the battery, do not only pay attention to the size of the battery, but much more to the device that uses it.

Apart from the operating system, there are numerous factors that can massively influence the runtime.

For example, an Apple iPad Pro 2018 uses a 7700 mAh (milliamp) battery, while a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 uses a 7300 mAh model.

Nevertheless, the Apple tablet lasts almost twice as long when playing games as the Samsung tablet.

How to turn a gaming tablet into a console

Of course you can play on your Tablet PC using the touch screen, but let’s face it, it’s not much fun.

But Tablet PCs are true technological wonders, because they can be operated with all kinds of accessories.

A built-in Bluetooth module lets you connect a wireless mouse or even a keyboard.

You can either write text or control the gaming tablet like a PC.

Bluetooth controllers can also be connected to the device, which makes controlling many games much more convenient.

However, it’s important to make sure that your favourite games are compatible with external devices.

Many games you have to control via your touchscreen, because an alternative control is not provided by the developer.

Especially role-playing or action games can be even more fun to play with a controller than with a crooked control on the screen.

The most important manufacturers for the Best Tablets for PUBG

HuaweiHuawei can not only do smartphones, but also very good tablet PCs. Although the manufacturer does not offer any special gaming tablets, the performance and the equipment ensure that you can download and play almost all games from the store.

+ Cheap prices
+ High quality
+ A lot of equipment
+ Large portfolio in all price ranges
SamsungSamsung should not be missing from the list of gaming tablets. The manufacturer is represented in almost every market segment and can also make gamers’ hearts beat faster with its inexpensive and expensive tablets.

+ Top quality
+ Modern features
+ Large selection in every price range
+ High quality
AppleEven if Apple tablets, like Samsung or Huawei, are not pure gaming tablets, you get the best performance for your money. Apple’s in-house processors are among the fastest components on the entire market.

+ Small and clear selection
+ Sometimes the fastest hardware
+ First-class features and technology
+ Very high quality

Many accessories for your gaming tablet

Hardly any other device can be expanded as easily and extensively as a tablet PC.

As mentioned above, you can connect not only a mouse and keyboard but also a controller via Bluetooth.

But this is not all that makes your tablet a gaming tablet.

With an external power bank, you can get up to 50 hours of battery life or more without rebooting your device.

You can also get bags, sleeves and backpacks specially designed for your gaming tablet.

If you want to immerse yourself completely in the world of your games, but don’t want to annoy your fellow players, you can also connect a powerful headset for sound playback via Bluetooth.

Note: Many accessories are often only available from the tablet manufacturer directly or from a licensed partner. Especially Apple is very strict with its licenses in this area, which makes for high-quality but also very limited and expensive accessories.

Games you should definitely play on the Best Tablets for PUBG

If you are not sure what you can play, besides PUBG, on your new gaming tablet, we would like to give you some suggestions.

But it makes sense if you take some time to browse through the store in the beginning.

There are thousands of games waiting for you to discover on Android and iOS.

  • Fortnite: You may think of Fortnite what you like, but it should not be missing in this list. As a “Battle Royal” game, it followed in big footsteps and even increased them. The game concept behind it is quickly explained: You land on an island together with numerous other games. Directly after landing you have only a few minutes to get rid of your enemies. If you are the last one left, you win the round and can let yourself be celebrated virtually. Since Fortnite offers playful graphics and costs nothing, it is especially popular with younger players.
  • Final Fantasy: Could it be a bit more complex for you? Something that will also captivate you for a few hours in front of the screen and pull you into a completely new world? Then you’ll have to take a closer look at the Final Fantasy series. The Japanese role-playing games captivate with a lot of emotions and an incredibly profound story. The publisher “Square Enix” has already released more than 9 games on Android and iOS, which especially increases the nostalgia factor in the shop.
  • Angry Birds: physics meets destruction! Angry Birds is already an old iron in the Appstores, but still enjoys great popularity. Although this is not exactly an elaborate game, Angry Birds can make a long waiting time at the doctor or similar more bearable.

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