Discord Using Too Much CPU? What to do?

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Discord using too much CPU? What can you do?

Discord has developed into one of the world’s leading services for online voice communication. However, there are sometimes problems, especially the high CPU load affects many users. Discord is free, looks good and is easy to use. However, all this can only be enjoyed if the program does not cause any hardware problems.

Discord: CPU problems homemade?

Online, there are numerous complaints from users who report that Discord puts too much strain on the processor – sometimes more than 40 percent. This not only affects performance, but can also lead to problems such as crashes.

Since the problem appears to be with Discord, there is no one hundred percent reliable solution. But what might help:

  • Open the “User Preferences” in Discord and select “Appearance” in the left bar. In the right pane further down you will find the “Hardware acceleration” item. This should be activated, as the graphics card will take over a part of the performance. As a result the processor is relieved.
  • Important: This is only advisable if the frame rate does not suffer.
  • In some cases, a complete reinstallation of Discord will help.

Unfortunately, there are currently no better approaches – in the worst case, the only way out is to use another program. The first alternative is the classic Teamspeak 3, as it hardly affects the performance.

What is Discord?

Discord appeared in 2015 with the clear goal of becoming the number one communication programme. This seems to have been well achieved, as many users around the world already see Discord as the only alternative.

But what is Discord and what advantages does it offer?

Simply put, Discord is a chat app for all platforms. But that alone is not the reason for its success:

  • Discord covers all forms of online communication. Private chats between two people are possible, but also channels and group chats. In addition, there are VoIP calls and video calls.
  • Discord is completely free. There is also an app for mobile devices, so users don’t have to rely on a PC.
  • All data runs through Discord’s own servers. This means that no IP data is disclosed, which increases security.
  • Thanks to “GameBridge”, Discord can even be integrated into applications such as online games. This of course integrates the use of the software; this is practical and also advantageous from a technical point of view.
  • Since the beginning of 2017 there is also the premium version Discord Nitro. This costs $4.99 per month and offers advanced features such as profile GIFs, freely selectable tags and individual emojis. In addition, media files are sent at higher speeds.

According to its own information, Discord already had 130 million registered users by mid-2018. The tendency is strongly increasing, as the program has advantages over the competition in all application areas.

How is Discord working and how to use it?

These are the features of Discord and how you are using it:

  • You start Discord and let it run alongside.
  • You join a discord server by entering the link to the respective discord server.
  • In the game, Discord will show you a small icon.
  • Underneath it you can see who is talking in the voice chat.
  • In the program itself, you will see moderators and users who are online on the right.
  • On the left you can see who is playing.
  • Use the plus button to create your own Discord server or join an existing one.
How to use Discord – All functions explained

Pros & Cons of Discord and difference to TeamSpeak and Skype

Discord is basically a mixture of Skype and TeamSpeak, with combined benefits:

  • Unlike TeamSpeak, Discord servers are free.
  • In general, the user interface is very pleasant and easy to read.
  • Discord pulls down the FPS in games less strongly than Skype or TeamSpeak.
  • Functions can be extended by bots.
  • Can also be used without registration.

Minor disadvantages:

  • If you want to keep your username or have a profile picture, you have to register at Discord.
  • Settings are not always intuitive.

Discord Nitro – What is it?

Discord Nitro is the paid version of Discord and costs $4.99 per month. These are the additional features in Discord Nitro in detail:

  • Screen sharing works at 60 FPS in 720p or 30 FPS in 1080p.
  • You can use a GIF as profile picture.
  • Animated emojis are available.
  • You can use individual emojis on any server instead of just your own.
  • You can upload and send emojis and files larger than 8 MB.
  • There is a badge that shows how long your Discord has been supported with the Nitro version.

The additional features may not be useful for everyone, but it’s a great way to support the developers of Discord, as the normal version of Discord is for free.

Discord Nitro Guide

How to report someone on Discord

If you have been watching Twitch.tv a few times in the last weeks, you might have noticed that more and more streamers use Discord. As Discord is like a mixture of Teamspeak 3 and Skype it is therefore ideal for communicating with friends over the internet during a game.

However, according to many user reports, Discord is not exclusively used for this purpose. Thanks to its extensive text chat functions, it is now also used as a contact point for various online groups to exchange written information about a wide variety of things. Basically, it’s a kind of evolution of the earlier IRC chats, which may still be familiar to the somewhat older readers.

So far, everything is still fine, but for some time now, a few groups have been causing deliberate trouble on other community servers. Users report the focus is on the discord server of 4chan’s subforum /pol, which apparently regularly organizes so-called “raids” on other servers. In other words, they use invitation links to gain access to other servers, which they then storm together to spread insulting or hateful messages every second.

There is no predefined target group for these raids. It can basically affect any online community, no matter what topic they are dealing with – religion, sexuality, politics or even learning languages. As soon as members of 4Chan get hold of the required invitation link, there is a chance that the respective server will become the target of a “raid”.

Administrators from small to large discord groups report that they have been the focus of such disconcerting attacks in the past. For example, one member of a Muslim server that deals with numerous topics related to Islam says that hundreds of people have entered the chat rooms of the server in order to spread spam-like Islamophobic messages. Over 1,200 users had to be blocked in the course of the attack. For comparison: Normally, “only” 1,000 users are regular members of the server.

There have been similar attacks on other servers dealing with Christian issues or the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-Transgender) scene. Once it even hit a server which wants to make it easier for other users to learn foreign languages with direct exercises.

Discord report dispute

How to help yourself

The PR manager of Discord only says that individual servers are not moderated. However, the violation of the terms of use, which the attackers regularly commit, is not discussed.

The operators of the various Discord servers must therefore help themselves. Thanks to some settings, this is also possible to a limited extent, although the administration effort increases significantly. Chat rooms have to be adapted accordingly, new users are more closely monitored, for example by controlling their “social media” profiles. Once these are freshly created, the interested users have to be patient and ask again later.

How can you report someone on Discord?

If you experience harrasing, threats, spam or abusive behaviour against you or other members of a Discord server you can report these users by taking certain steps. Sometimes whole Discord servers are involved in breaching the Discord community guidelines, because discussions or information posted is getting extremer and extremer. You have to alert the Discord Mods by following these steps.

First: Is the user’s behaviour breaching the Discord community guidelines?

In order to decrease the workload of Discord Support and Mods you should only report a user if they really violate against the Discord community guidelines. Following messages or activities violate the Discord community guidelines:

  • Sharing images of gore or animal cruelty
  • Spam messages
  • Threatening another user
  • Violating IP rights
  • Sharing child pornography
  • Distributing malware
  • Glorifying or promoting suicide and self-harm
  • Harassment

Should the user’s activity you want to report not fall into any of the categories above, you should restrain from reporting them. Just because someone is not agreeing with you is not a reason to report them. The best option is always to clear things up internally on the server. Consult other members of the channel and ask them about the user’s behaviour. Maybe some trusted member can help clear things up. If you are a founder or mod of a channel you even have the right to kick users off the channel. If you are not, you still can mute a users message or even block them. This has the effect that you don’t have to see this users posts anymore.

Sometimes reported users delete an illegal message. This does not mean that no action can be taken against them. It’s always good to take a screenshot so you have at least some proof against a user. A message that has already been deleted cannot be reported anymore.

Second: How to activate the reporting mode

On Discord, in the desktop application, it is not possible to report someone by just clicking on a button or an interface in the menu. You rather have to identify some ID’s, ie. unique codes, which the Discord team can use in order to investigate the issue at hand. But how can you find the ID codes? To reveal the ID codes you have to click on the gear symbol next to your username in the bottom-left corner and then select “appearance”. Then you have to scroll to the “advanced” section and then toggle the “developer mode” on turned on.

In the next step you have to secure three ID codes. For this you have to do the following:

  • Go to the message you want to report
  • Right-click the username of the user who wrote the message
  • Click “copy-ID”
  • Save this ID somewhere and label it for later
  • Even if the reported user changes the username, they cannot change their ID
  • After that right-click on the message you want to report
  • Copy this ID again and safe it somewhere
  • For the last ID you need to right-click on the server icon on the left side of your screen
  • Copy this ID again and save it somewhere

Third and last step: Submit the Report

If you have successfully collected all the relevant ID’s from the description above you now have to submit the report on Discord’s Trust & Safety request site. You have to enter your email in the form and then select the category of the rule violation from the dropdown menu, and at last explain the incident and what happened. Do not forget to enter all three ID’s you copied in the description box. Now you can submit the report and let the Discord support team handle the issue.

How to report a user on Discord iOS app

Discord iOS App Report

The Discord iOS App has an easier mechanism for reporting a user than the desktop version. As it is so easy it can lead to the problem of over-reporting.

In order to report someone on the Discord iOS app you have to hold your finger down on top of a message you want to report. Then you need to hit the red “report” option. On the iOS app you do not have to submit a description of the issue at hand. You also don’t need to collect the ID’s of the message, user, and server. These mobile reports get checked the same way like reports on the Desktop app. If you do not get a response don’t worry. You can also send an email to abuse@discordapp.com to explain your situation if it is urgent and you don’t have access to a computer.

Be careful that you do not hit the report button on accident. Probably nothing comes out of it, but it increases the workload of the Discord support team unnecessarily.

How to reverse a report from Discord

Maybe you noticed that a message of an user actaully did not violate the Discord community guidelines and you want to take it back. Or maybe you accidentally clicked on the report button in the Discord iOS App. If you want to clear the report you have to speak with a Discord support member and tell them to delete your report request. The easiest way to do this is via Discord’s Twitter page. There you can send a DM (direct message) to Discord and clear up the situation and what happened. Put your mail and ID’s in the message so the Support member can trace the report request and clear it from the system.

Be aware that submitting a false report on purpose violates Discord’s ToS. Submitting a false report can backfire and lead to punishment for you. That’s why you should always clear things up with the Discord support team before problems arise. The support team is very quick in resolving these issues.

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