How To Change Your Snapchat Profile Pic

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The Ghost: Snapchat’s Profile Picture

As you might already know from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder, or any other Social Media application you usually set up a profile picture when you register on a platform. This is also the case for the mobile application Snapchat. By setting up a profile picture on Snapchat people who know how you look or friends can easily add you as a contact in the app. What is special about Snapchat is that you can present yourself in a different way than just setting a static profile picture. Snapchat is comparable to Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories. But as Stories are just a single feature of Facebook or Instagram in Snapchat the Story concept is the core feature.

What can you do with the Snapchat Ghost? What’s the meaning behind the Snapchat Logo and how can you make and send Snapcodes? In this article we will highlight all these topics and explain the different concepts.

Static Profile Picture or the Snapchat Ghost?

With Snapcodes you can easily add your friends to Snapchat. Point the Snapchat camera at a Snapcode, tap the screen, and you’re done!

And this is what a Snapcode looks like:

Snapchat Snapcode
The Snapchat Snapcode to add new friends

Technical requirements

The Snapcode vector graphic consists of three elements.

First: The Ghost

By default, the ghost has a white body, but it is possible to change the color or image of the spirit as desired.

Second: The code

The following applies to the code points: do not move, do not connect, do not change – no matter how. In order for the scan to work, the points must remain exactly in the given arrangement.

The code field

The code field need not necessarily be yellow. Indeed yellow is the most suitable colour, but the scan also works with other colours that clearly stand out from the darker frame field underneath.

The proportions of the code field

The proportions of the code field with the distance to the edge, the dots and the spirit are enormously important for the scan. If you change these proportions, the snapcode cannot be scanned anymore.

Third: The frame

The frame field of the snapcode is most important for the scan. It determines the border, the color of the points and the contours of the ghost. The frame must be in strong contrast to the code field above it. Black or another very dark color is ideal here.

Specifications of the Snapcode

Minimum size of Snapcode

The snapcode must not be smaller than 1 inch x 1 inch. If the side length is less than 1 inch, it is practically impossible to capture and scan the snap. Think of the distance from which users will scan the Snapcode.

Snapcode size to scan distance ratio

The ratio between code size and scan distance must not exceed 1:7. So if you want your snapcode to be scannable from a distance of up to 7 feet, it must have at least 1 foot side length. Newer devices support a digital zoom function. Here, users can zoom in and zoom out on the object using two-finger zoom.

Better test the snapcode beforehand

Some devices even allow a scan distance that is almost 30 times the code size. Always test your snapcode before you publish it. It’s best to print a small print run first, then check the code, and only then continue with the full run.

How to change the Profile Picture

Great Visual Guide on how to change your Snapchat Profile Picture
  • Changing your profile picture is basically very easy with Snapchat. First start the app and go to the ghost icon.
  • Now tap your personal Snapcode in your profile overview to change the picture in the ghost.
  • Your snapcode is now zoomed in and the trigger button appears at the bottom.
  • Now tap on the button and you can take up to five photos. These are then joined together as an animation and then displayed in the Snapcode as a profile image.
  • You also have the possibility to add a cartoon version of yourself as profile picture via the Bitmoji app.
  • However, at this time it is not possible to upload a profile picture from the gallery for the Snapcode.

This means that you cannot chose pictures from your gallery and upload it to Snapchat as a new profile pic but you rather have to take a new picture if you want to set a new profile picture.

How to delete the Profile Picture

Maybe you don’t like your old profile picture not anymore and you want to delete it for good. How can you do that? In order to delete the profile picture in Snapchat you first need to open the app. Then you click the ghost on your Snapcode and select the undo button in order to get the old photo deleted. After confirming that you want to delete your picture you will find your ghost empty. When you decide to get a new profile picture just follow the steps from above to get a new one.

Snapchat introduces cameos – How to change your Snapchat cameo

Great Visual Guide on how to set up Cameos in Snapchat

With Cameos, Snapchat users themselves become the star – in short, looped videos that can be personalized with their own face. This makes it possible to start new conversations very quickly or to answer friends personally, dynamically and fun. There is a cameo for every mood, whether excited, in love, depressed or just to say hello.

The worldwide roll out started on 18 December 2019. Since then users are be able to find the cameos in their chat sticker bar. An additional fun: If friends have also set up cameos, options will appear to show both together in a loop – the ultimate duet.

Many templates also allow users to integrate their own text so that they can write the script themselves. Initially, 150 cameos were available on iOS and Android, with more to follow each week.

Snapchat is constantly working to help the community express themselves, have fun, and stay in touch with their closest friends.

What Snapchat says about the new cameos

From Lenses to Bitmoji and everywhere in between, we are always developing fun new ways to express ourselves in the moment. Now we reveal another feature to bring conversations to life: Cameos! Cameos make users the star of their own short, looped videos that they can send to friends in chat. Whether they’re excited or exhausted or just want to say hello, users will find the perfect cameo for every moment. Certain cameos can be customized with captions to make them their own.

Users can find and send cameos in chat, right next to the stickers. They are now available on iOS and Android, with over 150 cameos to choose from at launch – and many more to come soon. Simply tap the Cameo button in the chat sticker bar, record a selfie and select a scene you want to dive into. If a friend has also set up their cameo, you can even play together in two-person cameos!

Just go ahead and create your own cameo.

Release from Snapchat

How to create your own cameo – Tutorial

To create and send cameos, first record a selfie. The selfie can be changed or deleted later.

First record a snapchat cameo selfie:

  • Open the chat 💬
  • Click on the Smily next to the chat bar, then tap on the green plus logo
  • Select the cameos tile and record a selfie 😄
  • To activate two-person cameos, type 👥

Change snapchat cameo

For changes the Selfie can be updated at any time!

To change the selfie:

  • Open the chat 💬
  • Click on the smily next to the chat bar, then tap on the green plus logo
  • Select the Cameos tile and tap ‘More’
  • Tap on ‘New Selfie’ to record a new one 🤳

Create and send cameos

Send a cameos to a friend:

  • Open the chat 💬
  • Click on the Smily next to the chat bar and then tap the green plus logo
  • Select a cameo to play in 🎬
  • Two-person cameos can be created if a friend also has cameos enabled
  • Tap ‘Send’ to share cameos with friends 👯♀

The cameos are constantly changing, so that there is always a new one to choose from!

Pro tip 💡: You can choose different cameo categories at the bottom of the screen. Just enter keywords like “hey”, “yes”‘ or “lol”‘ to search for them.

A preview of the cameo will be displayed if you first tap ‘…’ and then ‘View Full Screen’.

To save cameos from the chat, hold down the key and tap ‘Save to Camera Roll’ 📷

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