Is Acer A Good Brand?

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The Acer Story

Acer is a Taiwanese company that was founded in 1976. Over time, Acer, which is not a huge company with about 7,100 employees, has been able to secure a very good position in both the PC and notebook markets. Of particular importance was the directional decision in 2000 to switch from a computer manufacturer to a design company that designs the various products but does not produce them itself. The Acer products are then manufactured by outsourced companies on a contract basis. In November 2013, due to poor financial developments, a restructuring was necessary, which resulted in some changes of high personnel.

Apart from notebooks, Acer had ventured into the world of smartphones in the past, but had long since given up due to lack of success. Instead, the manufacturer is concentrating on TV sets, monitors, projectors and server solutions. Through sponsoring, Acer tries to increase its level of awareness even further. Many professional gaming clans gamble at tournaments under the logo of Acer’s Predator series. Between 2003 and 2012, Acer also sponsored the Ferrari team in Formula 1.

In 2008, Acer acquired computer manufacturer Packard Bell, which once held an important position in the notebook and PC sector. The Gateway and eMachines brands are now also part of Acer, but are particularly relevant in the North American market. The computer company’s European headquarters are located in Lugano, Switzerland.


For many years, Acer has been using both AMD and Intel processors in its notebooks, but most models rely on Intel platforms. Depending on the price and orientation of the Acer notebook, both energy-saving low-voltage processors from the Intel Core i-U series and more powerful models from the AMD Ryzen, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processor families with four and six processor cores are used. For low-cost devices, Acer likes to use processors from the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron series, which are comparatively slow. AMD contributes its share especially through the A-series and the E-series. In some Acer netbooks, Intel Atom processors are found with particularly low power consumption for longer battery life.

Graphics cards

graphics card

A graphics chip integrated into the processor often takes care of the graphics. There are also many Acer notebooks with dedicated graphics cards from NVIDIA’s GeForce series and AMD’s Radeon series. Notebooks with dedicated graphics cards are better suited for gaming and applications that can use the GPU. The Predator series in particular offers notebooks with extremely fast graphics cards that are also suitable for current games in high detail levels.

Displays and resolutions

Acer display

With display diagonals between ten and 17.3 inches, Acer has the right notebook for every application. Whether you’re looking for a notebook for relaxed work in the park or café with a small display and compact dimensions, or a desktop notebook that is primarily used as a desktop replacement: There’s usually an option in Acer’s extensive model range. Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) is now standard in most models, and in the higher price segment there are sometimes even 4K panels (3,840 x 2,160 pixels).

In 2-in-1 convertible notebooks such as the Acer Spin or Switch series, a touchscreen is simultaneously integrated into the screen, which makes the device intuitive to use and opens up new possibilities. In some models, Acer includes the stylus, but depending on the size of the display, input with the finger is just as effective.

Memory and extras

At least in some 15 inch and 17 inch notebooks from Acer optical drives are still part of the basic equipment. Most of the time the use is limited to DVDs, only some gaming notebooks and multimedia notebooks from Acer have Blu-ray drives built in. Acer shows itself flexible in terms of the storage solution (HDD) and offers most notebooks with a brisk SSD, but sometimes with classic hard drive memory as well. Acer offers different kinds of high-quality keyboards depending on the model.

Operating systems

Microsoft Windows 10 is the dominant operating system in Acer notebooks. It is used in almost all of the manufacturer’s notebooks and is only omitted in a few low priced models in order to set the sales price even lower. Some of these cheap notebooks are also delivered with Linux operating system. The only exception are the Chromebooks from Acer, which work with Google’s Chrome OS.

Overview: Acer Model Range

Acer Aspire

The Aspire model range represents one of the most famous families from the house. And not without reason: Acer Aspire laptops come in every conceivable shape and size. Whether for the office, the park, the library or the university. The models in the Acer-Aspire range already cover many applications. Cheaper models attract students or bargain hunters with low prices and still sufficient hardware. At the same time, there are hardly any limits to the upper end and even more demanding users get their money’s worth.

Acer Switch and Acer Spin

With the Acer Spin model series, Acer was one of the first manufacturers to confidently enter the 2-in-1 convertible business. And it has remained true to Acer to this day, while the award-winning concept has remained the same. The display can be rotated 360 degrees and folded to the back of the keyboard. Because it is touch-sensitive, the ten to 12-inch devices have a wide range of applications. Acer wants to counter the Microsoft Surface with the hybrids of the Switch series. Here the keyboard can be removed from the display unit.

Acer Swift

Ultra-thin, stylish and powerful, Acer sells the Swift range of notebooks. Depending on the model, you get a slim Ultrabook with narrow display edges, decent Intel power and the latest memory technologies – under a kilogram total weight. However, this also has its price. Those who accept a somewhat coarser and heavier chassis as well as weaker processors will find what they are looking for with a smaller budget. All impress with a long battery life, which should last for a normal working day.

Acer Predator

Acer is represented in the gaming segment with the Predator model series. These extremely powerful notebooks can almost compete with desktop PCs and display current games smoothly in the highest details. Together with strong memory (RAM) and integrated Blu-ray drives, Predator notebooks also become excellent entertainment machines that are suitable for much more than just gaming. But it all comes at a price. Thus, the cheapest Predator notebooks are only over 1,000 Dollar. Acer’s Predator notebooks are only limited suitable for transport due to their high weight and not exactly space-saving dimensions. However, if you want to enjoy your game library on the go or use complex software while commuting, you’re in the right place.

Acer Nitro

The Nitro series is one of the latest outgrowths of the technology forge and is designed to take gaming to a new level. The expertise from the Predator series is combined with slim, versatile hardware such as the Spin devices – and the result is portable but powerful workstations. In addition, the displays score points with a particularly high refresh rate, which not only makes video games, but also usage in general incomparably more fluid.

Acer Chromebooks

acer chromebook

The operating system Chrome OS, programmed by search engine giant Google, has meanwhile attracted several manufacturers. Also Acer gives the Linux-based software a chance and apparently registers success. That’s the only way how the large variety can be explained, which the Taiwanese producer is broadening continually. Schools and students in particular are turning to the cheap laptops thanks to the infrastructure, which is designed primarily for collaboration.

New Changes For Acer Aspire 3, 5 & 7 in 2020

The Aspire notebooks are the bread and butter business for the Taiwanese manufacturer Acer – subdivided as BMW vehicles are: Aspire 3 models offer the entry level, Aspire 5 laptops the middle class and Aspire 7 laptops the upper class. From the middle of the year, Acer is now putting refurbished 2019 versions on the market, which the manufacturer is now showing in New York.

Acer Aspire 3 (2020): In three sizes

Acer offers the Aspire 3 models in 14-inch, 15.6-inch and full-size 17.3-inch formats. In all device sizes, the display shows content in Full HD with 1920×1080 pixels. Depending on the model, Intel’s eighth-generation core processors or AMD’s second-generation Ryzen CPUs are used as motors. The use of separate graphics chips also depends on the model: With Nvidia’s GeForce MX 230 or AMD’s Radeon RX 540, the Aspire 3 notebooks should also be suitable for gaming simple games. The RAM should be a maximum of 16 gigabytes, the SSD in the chewing gum-sized M.2 format offers up to 512 gigabytes of memory, depending on the model. Moreover, an additional hard disk with 1 terabyte of memory may take up space in the case. In return, a DVD burner is reserved exclusively for the 17 incher. The 2020 Aspire 3 notebooks will be in stores from March. They start at 500 Dollar.

Acer Aspire 5 (2020): Exclusive 15.6 incher

acer aspire 5

The Aspire 5 has a noble display lid made of sandblasted aluminum – it therefore looks a bit more noble than the Aspire 3, which Acer has wrapped in a complete plastic dress. Another difference: The manufacturer only offers the Aspire 5 with 15.6 inch displays. Intel’s eighth-generation Intel Core processors or AMD’s second-generation Ryzen CPUs work inside the case, which is only 17.95 millimeters thin, depending on the configuration. With the separate graphics chips Nvidia GeForce MX 230 or AMD Radeon RX 540, the Aspire 5 notebooks, like the Aspire 3 models, should also be suitable for gaming simple games. According to the manufacturer, the 2020 Aspire 5 notebooks will go on sale in March. Customers will have to shell out 699 Dollar for the smallest configuration variant.

Acer Aspire 7: Also 15.6 inch notebooks

Acer also offers the upper class models of the Aspire 7 series exclusively in the 15.6 inch format, which is popular with customers. In opposition to the Aspire 5 notebooks, not only the display lid is made of sandblasted aluminum, but also the keyboard bezel. The display shows content in Full HD with 1920×1080 pixels – Acer doesn’t offer a 4K screen. In return, stronger graphics chips from Nvidia’s GTX series, depending on the configuration variant, Acer left the exact model names open. But the Aspire 7 notebooks should also be suitable for gaming more demanding games with these graphics chips. CPUs from Intel’s eighth core generation serve as the main drive. SSDs in M.2 format with fast NVMe memory are just as selectable (maximum 1 Terabyte) as additional hard disks with 2 Terabyte memory. The maximum RAM size should be 16 gigabytes (type DDR4), the Aspire 7 goes into the network according to the fast 802.11-2×2 AC standard and MU-MIMO technology. According to Acer, sales will start in March, with prices starting at 999 Dollar.

The Acer Aspire 7 reviewed

New Acer Laptops in 2020

At CES in Las Vegas, Acer is introducing two new models of its ultra-thin and extremely lightweight Swift 3 notebook. One is equipped with Intel, the other with AMD’s latest processors.

The Swift series from Acer is best known for its high mobility and low performance compromise. The very slim notebooks, which weigh only one kilogram and are extremely light, have also won awards that won’t leave prospective buyers speechless. The Swift series enjoys corresponding popularity.

At the CES 2020, Acer is now introducing two new models of the Swift 3, which not only bring the inner workings up to the latest state of the art.

Project Athena: Swift 3 with Intels Ice Lake

The Swift 3 with the type designation SF313-52/G is a notebook certified according to the specifications of Intel’s “Project Athena” with a 13.5-inch display and a weight of less than 1.2 kilograms with a closed measured case height of less than 1.6 centimeters.

acer swift 3

The screen is supposed to show about 18 percent more image content compared to other displays with the same diagonal because Acer has opted for an aspect ratio of 3:2. The manufacturer states the screen-to-body ratio at around 84 percent. Acer doesn’t make any statements about the resolution. We assume that the Swift models will continue to stay at Full-HD with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Acer’s Color Intelligence and Exacolor technologies should additionally improve the display’s color representation.

The device is driven by Intel’s tenth-generation Ice Lake processors Core i7-1065G7, which will be supported by GPUs from Nvidia to be specified in more detail, as well as up to 16 gigabytes of LPDDR4x RAM and PCIe-SSD up to 1 terabyte. A backlit keyboard and a multi-touchpad are to enable comfortable working even under adverse lighting conditions.

An integrated fingerprint scanner allows logging in via Windows Hello. Via Wake-on-Voice the user can interact with the Cortana voice assistant even when the housing is closed.

Radio communication is via Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth. The Swift 3 also makes contact with its surroundings via a type C connection with Thunderbolt 3 support, another USB 3.1 port and a display port.

AMD Ryzen 4000: Swift 3 with 14-inch display

The Swift 3 with the type designation SF31-42 updates the 14-inch version of the Swift 3 to the current AMD processors Ryzen 7 4700U. Despite the minimally larger screen, the AMD version is not significantly heavier than the Intel version at 1.2 kilograms. All other specifications are identical.

Prices and availability

The Project-Athena version, i.e. the Swift 3 SF313-52/G, will be available in the first quarter 2020 at prices starting at 999 Dollar. The AMD version SF314-42 is supposed to be released at the same time and will be significantly cheaper with prices starting at 699 Dollar.


Acer is a great brand and company that is always reinventing itself. The product lines are very broad and have great products in every price category. Of course you can only expect good quality for what you pay. But if you are buying an Acer Laptop you can be sure that you get a lot for the money you are spending. No matter if you are a Gamer, waiting to play the new Flight Simulator 2020, or a student with a limited budget, you can find the right Laptop or Desktop PC at Acer.

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