Is Can You Run It safe?

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Especially with desktop or complete PCs, many users do not know which individual hardware components are installed in their computer and what their performance is like. Before the new game is bought, often times the online research begins.

Can I play the newest release of Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Skyrim, or NBA 2K on my computer? Is my graphics card good enough for games or do I have to buy a new one? Especially on Christmas, when the current games were under the Christmas tree, such requests flood the net. Active help is now provided by the “Can you run it” service, which quickly and easily analyses the computer hardware and matches it with the requirements of the games.

Is can you run it safe?

Yes “Can you run it” from will tell you if the computer game is whether too heavy for your hardware or can be played smoothly without bugs on your PC.

In the case, that your computer is not fit to play the game and you have been having problems for a long time with your games lagging, hanging up or at some point simply the whole computer crashed?

In this case:

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What is Can you Run It ?

With its “Can you run it” service, System Requirement Lab has created a way of comparing the hardware requirements of games with the performance of the individual components at the click of a mouse, thus quickly revealing whether, for example, the graphics card needs to be upgraded or the computer can do everything and nothing stands in the way of a smooth gaming experience. The big advantage is that the result is much faster than if you have to search in the vastness of forums and on various manufacturer sites. Moreover, with “Can you run it” you can be sure that the real hardware components are recognized and that there won’t be any misunderstandings, because you have made an MSI Geforce GTX 970 out of an MSI Geforce GTX 960 graphics card – a problem, which often affects desktop PC users, because most of them (rightly) don’t dare to look at it.

How does Can You Run It work?

At you will find a drop-down menu at the bottom of the page where you can choose the game of your choice from a large list. If it’s still not there, just use the manual input mask and type in the name. You can then use the “Can you run it” button to choose between three options. With “Automatic Detection” your operating system and all hardware will be analyzed in real time with the help of Java and compared with the requirements of the selected game. Of course it is important that you are using Java and have the latest version installed. If you don’t have or don’t want that, you can choose “Desktop App” instead. This will install a small program on your computer that has the same function but does not require Java. Following option one and two, the page will automatically show you if your system requirements are sufficient or not for the ultimate gaming experience. A glance at the detailed list even reveals which component is missing or just doesn’t fit. With the third option called “View Requirements” you can simply look at the individual hardware requirements of the game in a compact list and draw your own conclusions.

Guide on How To use Can You Run It

  • Open the Website.
  • In the “Search for a game” field, enter the game you want to see the requirements for. Like “League of Legends” or “Rust“.
  • You now have a choice of three options. You can run the test via Java (Begin Detection), download a program (Desktop App), or just view the requirements of the game.

Evaluate the results of Can you run it?

  • For the test we have selected the option “Begin Detection“. For this you need the latest Java version.
  • After clicking on “Begin Detection“, the website wants to have access to Java. Confirm the request with “Run“.
  • The program now checks your system. Do not install any other programs during this time.

After the check, the results will be displayed further down the page. Here you see the tabs “Minimum” and “Recommended“. Select “Recommended” to find out whether your PC really meets the requirements of the game. Under the “Video Card” item you will find the information about your graphics card again.

Alternative to Can You Run It “”

A better way to check if your gaming computer meets the necessary game requirements is the website called It analyzes your computer hardware by letting you choose your hardware individually.

Just type in the website adress (, type in the search for which game you are looking to find out the requirements for. Then type in your hardware (graphics card, processor) and then the website will show you if you are good to go to play your next favorite title !

New Hardware Requirements for Fortnite

If you want to continue to play Fortnite on your PC in the future, you will have to shop hard, for better or worse, to meet the new system requirements that Epic Games has now communicated. With the release of Chapter 2 Season 2, there is one major difference: you will inevitably need an up-to-date version of DirectX.

Fortnite requires a graphics card that works with DirectX 11 by the time the next Season is released. Although this DirectX version has been mentioned as a system requirement for the game for quite some time, Fortnite has supported older graphics cards that are not explicitly compatible with DirectX 11.

As soon as the new season is live, this will change: If you don’t have a DirectX 11 compatible card, you will have to replace it in your computer or switch to another platform for Fortnite in the future. Epic Games justifies this move by saying that it will allow them to focus on developing and enhancing the gaming experience for all gamers.

DirectX 11 was released in 2011 along with Windows 8, but not all older graphics cards still in circulation support this version. You should therefore visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer to update the drivers or check compatibility.

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