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Logitech gaming mouse

If your mouse suddenly stops working, there are several possible causes. However, since you cannot enter the data as usual by clicking, the problem is of course somewhat more difficult to solve in this case. Read here how you can identify and solve the cause of a striking mouse anyway.

Logitech (wireless) mouse not working: Solutions

In most cases, a few simple actions are enough if the mouse does not react as it should. Because defective hardware is not always the source of your mouse not working. Minor software errors can usually be fixed by a restart. Otherwise try the following:

If your device is a corded mouse:

  • Unplug the plug from your computer or laptop and then plug it in again. For a USB mouse, use a different port. This might also reinstall the driver and get the mouse going again.
  • If you’re using a hub with other USB devices, try connecting your mouse directly to your computer. If it does not work there as desired and at the hub, it will not receive enough power.
  • Connect the mouse to another PC. If the other PC does not recognize it either, you can assume with high probability that there is a hardware defect.

If you use a Logitech Bluetooth or Wireless mouse:

  • Check the status of the battery or accumulator. Even if a residual charge level is still displayed, the radio connection may be interrupted due to insufficient power.

Update Logitech Mouse driver

If none of the above tips are successful, there may also be a problem with the mouse driver. As a result, the device will no longer be recognized by Windows 10. Fortunately, this can be updated relatively easily even without a working pointing device.

  • Open the run dialog via the shortcut “Windows + R” and enter the command “devmgmt.msc“.
  • The device manager is opened. Press the “Tab” key once and then use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Mouse and other pointing devices” entry.
  • Press the right arrow key to view the installed Mouse and select the appropriate device.
  • On your keyboard, find the key that opens context menus (the list icon with the arrow is usually next to the space bar).
  • Use the arrow keys to select the “Update driver” entry and confirm with Enter

How do Logitech wireless mice perform in test?

G502 Logitech gaming mouse

The quality of Logitech’s wireless mouses can be easily seen from the dominance of Logitech products in rankings: Often at least half, sometimes even more, of all PC mouses in the top 10, are from Logitech at the same time. Almost without exception, the high precision of the mouses is praised, regardless of price class or surface used. In this respect, the Logitech models are definitely worth a recommendation. Logging on to different systems is also described as particularly good, and switching between them is usually effortless.

The most frequent criticism, however, is the quality of workmanship. In tests, one often reads about rather rickety sounding keys, scroll wheels with too little resistance or a generally cheaper impression. However, this is especially true for the models up to 50 USD, and beyond that the workmanship quality usually turns out high. Logitech’s gamer mice, which are quite popular due to their low radio signal latency, are also in this price range. However, Logitech has traditionally been very reluctant to implement too many special macro keys and gadgets like additional weights.

Does Logitech wireless mouse have disadvantages for gamers?

Logitech gaming mouse

Wireless input devices are clearly in vogue: Every computer user would like to be able to do without the annoying tangle of cables under and on the desk today rather than tomorrow. For normal users there is actually also no disadvantage connected with it, if one refrains once from the annoying charging of the batteries. On the other hand, even gaming mice can last several months on one battery charge, which is why the problem is smaller than it may seem. Nevertheless, many gamers have concerns: Aren’t there disadvantages in the game caused by wireless mice?

In the early days of technology, the problem was real, and the bad reputation of wireless mice has persisted ever since. Logitech wireless mice in particular, however, have optimized wireless technology that achieves an unexpectedly low latency. In comparison, they are in no way inferior to wired gaming mice. Gamers at Logitech are less critical of the wireless technology than they are of the sometimes too little extra equipment. But if you don’t need them, you can always use this manufacturer’s wireless mouse without hesitation.

Is a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse an Alternative?

Now that the wireless mice are finally catching on with the players, the next technology is already on the threshold of a mass breakthrough. Logitech’s Bluetooth mice are a real alternative for everyday use, because they can often be used without an extra USB dongle, which always blocks a USB slot on the PC.

After all, notebooks, all-in-one PCs and tablets in particular are almost always equipped with Bluetooth by default. No additional software is required either. So if you’re simply looking for a convenient everyday mouse, Bluetooth is also an interesting alternative, especially since the power consumption is now even lower. Gamers on the other hand should probably still use the optimized wireless mouse for the time being due to latency reasons.

Install and Configurate Logitech Wireless Mouse

This manual shows you how to install and configure your wireless mouse. Then you can control your PC immediately and even from a distance of several meters.

Step 1: Install Logitech Wireless Mouse

wireless Mouse USB Connector
  • Plug the small USB connector of the wireless mouse into your computer, and Windows will automatically find and install the appropriate driver.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can download and install the driver from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Insert a battery into the mouse and set the mouse to turn on at the bottom. The device is now ready for use.

Step 2: Configurate Logitech Wireless Mouse

  • Open the control panel and click on the category “Hardware and Sound“.
  • At the top, under the category “Devices and Printers“, you will find the option “Mouse“. A small window will then open.
  • You can now make various settings under the “Buttons“, “Pointer“, “Pointer options” and “Wheel” tabs.
  • Select the wireless mouse under the “Hardware” tab and click on the “Properties” button at the bottom
  • Then click on the “Change settings” button and switch to the “Power management” tab.
  • Here you can decide whether Windows may switch off the mouse to save energy and whether you can activate the computer from sleep mode using the mouse.

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