Path of Exile – How Does Multiplayer Work?

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How does the multiplayer work?

The multiplayer in Path of Exile provides a rich gaming experience. You can play together with up to 6 friends. If your friends don’t play the game you can also join other players of the game, so that you will never have to play alone. The world in Path of Exile is called Oriath and provides you many opportunities and challenges to hunt monsters, exploring the world and collecting rare loot. But how exactly is the multiplayer mode working? How can you create a character? And how do you get to level 100 as fast as possible?

Path of Exile Multiplayer: Building your team and chosing the right group

In order to be successful in Path of Exile you have to chose the right group or team. The formation of your group plays a major part in the game. A maximum of 6 players can form a group together, which generally makes the game a bit more difficult. When more players are playing Opponents get more health points, but at the same time the droprate of Loot is increased. That means, in multiplayer you get more Loot because of the higher difficulty. However, you have to consider certain aspects when forming your team:

  • Forming a group with friends: You can easily create a group with friends via the social menu. Under this menu you can add your friends to your friends list and invite them directly. They can also be invited.
  • Group with other players: You can create public groups yourself or join others via the Social Menu. You do not need to be friends with the players to use public groups. You can even specify what you want to do with the group within the description (example: EXP-Farming, bosses). Groups can only be formed after you and your friends have left Lion’s Eye Watch. Likewise, no group is possible if one of the players is in a closed instance.
  • Level Downscaling: Players with different levels can play together. If you or the host enable level downscaling, the players with higher levels will be aligned lowest. In return, all players receive full experience points. If downscaling is not activated, you can still play together with players at higher levels. However, players with a significantly lower level will not receive the full experience points, as one group member is significantly more experienced.
Path of Exile Gameplay

Character Creation in Path of Exile

The free class design in Path of Exile is complex and versatile, but for this very reason it offers countless stumbling blocks and hurdles that make this system difficult to access for beginners. Although it is possible to start the game without any previous knowledge and just play it, sooner or later everyone will come to the point where he has to think about his character, the skill gems used or the procedure in the talent tree.

1) The First Step Of Character Creation

The first step is to find a specific game element from which we then build the entire build. This can be, for example, certain Uniques or Ascendancy mechanisms. For a better understanding, however, we will concentrate on the offensive skill gems, which in most cases serve as the basis for the character. Roughly, these can be divided into three categories, each of which requires a different approach: Attacks, spells and creatures.

  • Attack: The attack value of the weapon is used as the basis for calculating damage.
  • Spells: For spells, the damage value of the skillgem is taken as the basis for the calculation. The damage of the weapon is not important.
  • Creatures: Because summoned minions are separate creatures, your character’s damage value is irrelevant.

2) How To Select Classes And Ascendancies

The next step will be to choose an Ascendancy class, which will also be the choice of your starting character. It may be useful to first take a closer look at all the Ascendancy talent trees and then sort them by usefulness. This can be complicated in different ways depending on how you want to play the game. For example, while only one or two Ascendancys are useful for Traps and Minions, this can be considerably more the case for melee abilities.

But which Ascendancy classes should be mentioned at all in the planning process? Therefore it makes sense to look again at the skills and the way of how you want to play the game. For a pure Strength Gem with physical melee damage, you should to stay mainly in the lower, left third of the talent tree and choose a starting class that is located there. For bow talents or spells, we would rather set our starting point in the skill or intelligence part.

3) The Passive Talent Tree In Path of Exile

In general, the path through the talent tree should be planned with 113 (character level 90) or maybe only 103 points (character level 80). Before we start awarding points, let’s make some basic considerations that will help us better understand our target character. These can be different depending on the starting point. For our example the following considerations could be taken into account:

  • What type of armor do we use?
  • Do we use Mana or Blood Magic?
  • Do we go for critical damage? – Critical damage is usually only worthwhile if you have your talent tree and equipment completely geared towards it
  • What additional defence effects are you aiming for? – Life Leech or Endurance Charges
  • Do we need immunity to narcotics? – Maybe you have that already through the Slayer talent tree
  • What kind of weapons do you want to use?

With these basic considerations in mind, we can now begin to plan our talent tree.

Path of Exile Skilltree
The complete skilltree of Path of Exile

4) Planning The Skill Gems

You also don’t have to be intimidated by planning the skill gems, because the process always follows the same pattern. In general, there are four setups that should be present for each character: Damage, Auras & Support, Movement and Survival. We try to strengthen these as much as possible with support communities.

  • Damage: Depending on the available resources, a setup with 5 or 6 linked sockets is used for damage, whereby the selected attack Gem is supported and strengthened as much as possible. If the character is very much geared towards area damage, a second setup for boss battles can also be added.
  • Auras & Support: Here we add various auras and other helpful gimmicks that enhance our gameplay. These can be war cries, heralds or curses.
  • Movement: Every character should have a movement gem that allows them to quickly escape from dangerous situations. Depending on the chosen playing style, different spells, attacks and bow skills are available. Movement-Gems should always be strengthened with Faster Casting or Faster Attacks.
  • Defence: Here you can find different defense skills. So that you don’t have to use them yourself, they are usually reinforced with Cast when damage taken, which will trigger them automatically in dangerous situations. Defensive skills can be guardian skills, curses, but also summoned creatures.

5) Choosing The Right Equipment

Equipment should be selected to match the type of defense and attack we chose when we originally planned the character. Special attention should be paid to the weapon. While the damage value of the weapon is important for attack teams, it can be neglected for spells. In this case, the weapon serves as a carrier for various modifications that enhance our playing style. The following points should also be emphasized:

  • Resistant: The elementary resistances (fire, ice, lightning) should always be at least 75%. (105% after act 5 and 135% after act 10)
  • Life: Each piece should enhance our maximum life. This is more important than other types of defense like armor, energy shield or evasion rating.
  • Critical hits: Critical hit rating can be waived if the game is not designed for it anyway.
  • Increased Rarity of Items found: This is a pure luxury value, which should be subordinated to all others.

6) Don’t get discouraged in Path of Exile

With this guide, you shouldn’t have too much trouble creating a character that you can even use to gain a foothold in the endgame. However, there are times when you are unsure about the exact function or application of a game mechanic. In this case it is recommended to visit the official Wiki or consult Google. Path of Exile offers a lot of complex and sometimes opaque game mechanics. So the same applies here: do not get discouraged.

How To Craft Good Gear in Path of Exile?

Currency items are used directly on the item, NPCs are not allowed to use. As a beginner you should not try crafting yet, the process is very difficult and random. Here you should first gain some experience before you dare to try it.

Crafting with 4th level crafting materials is quite safe as long as you don’t waste an extremely large amount of crafting materials. You can practice with the following recipes, for example:

  • With Chromatic Orbs you can adjust the color of sockets to match the necessary skill gems
  • With Jewelers Orbs you can change the number of sockets on your equipment (but you should pay attention to the item level of the items)
  • With Fusing Orbs you can link sockets together to make them fit for the skill gems (linking 5 or 6 sockets is extremely difficult)
  • With Glassblowers Baubles, Blacksmiths Whetstones and Armorers Scraps you can improve the quality of your equipment

If you want to get great information on how to get better at crafting check out the Crafting section of the Path of Exile Wiki or check out this Basic Crafting Guide on youtube:

How To Change The Character Name in Path of Exile?

Unfortunately you cannot do this manually in the settings menu or in your Account settings. If you want to change a characters name, because you don’t like it anymore or maybe because you misspelled it, you have to take the time to contact the support of Path of Exile at Grinding Gear Games –

How Long To Reach Level 100 in Path of Exile?

Playing Path of Exile for a long time you already and levelling up regularly, you might probably ask yourselfr if it is possible to reach Level 100 and how much work you have to put in to achieve such an impressive feat. You might ask yourself: How long does it actually take to reach Level 100 in Path of Exile. In this section we will help you to get a feeling for long it might take to achieve Level 100 and if it is actually possible.

Many players reached the 80’s and some good players even the 90’s in their character Levels. But many struggle to go higher than Level 90 or 91. These players find themselves in a dilemma: They are playing higher Tier maps, which is a lot more challengign than lower tier maps. As a result of the high difficulty these players die more often and therefore losing a lot of exp-points. But when they want to nplay lower Tier maps the exp-point increase is not efficient, considering how much time you have to invest.

So what can you do? Just grind low tier maps, even if it takes ages to get a sizable amount of exp points or do you try to play high tier maps, maybe without mods, to make them a little bit easier to beat?

Well, the answer is not simple. But the most important point in levelling up and trying to get to level 100 is: Not dying. In order to get the required amount of exp you have to grind out a high quantity of maps, there is no way around it. That is how you sustain your map and currency pool. The second most important prerequisite is a powerful character. This helps you to clear maps very fast. And above all you need the dedication and discipline to reach Level 100. Most players that reached Level 100 did so while playing tier 11-13 maps.

Also: The higher in Level you get the tougher levelling up gets. Every level after Level 90 will require dozens of maps to level up to the next level. After Level 95 will require hundreds of maps for each additional level-up. If you ask Level 100 players, most of them will tell you Level 97 is actually the halfway point to get to level 100. This means all the time and effort to get to level 97 will be required again to get to Level 100. But when you reached Level 100 you can be sure that you are on of few and you really had to work for it. There are no lucky Level 100’s out there.

How to get Loot in Multiplayer?

Of course Loot plays an important role in Path of Exile. Since you can play in large groups together with other players, you don’t want to miss out on all the valuable and hard earned Loot. For this reason the developers of Grinding Gear Games have integrated three different settings for the distribution of the items:

  • Free for all: Clearly, in this mode every item can be picked up by every player. Here you have to be fast. This option is rarely seen in groups with strangers. We advise you to chose this mode only with your friends or people you know very well and that are reliable. Otherwise you are at risk that someone snatches all the Loot up and you get nothing.
  • Short Allocation: In this setting, an item is assigned to a player for a short period of time to be picked up. After that it is free for everyone again. This mode creates an interesting dynamic inside the game.
  • Permanent Allocation: As the name implies, certain items are permanently assigned to a player. He can either leave them lying around or pick them up. The loot is free when the player dies or leaves the group. This means that some players can get lcuky and others not, but it is the fairest loot distribution mode.

How To Farm Uniques In Path of Exile?

When beating a boss you and your freinds or teammates all want to get is the rare loot. But the high value and rare unique items only make a small percentage of all the items dropped by a boss. Most of the time you have to kill the endboss in order to get the best loot. You can also try to get good loot from first instance bosses, however the probabilty that they drop something of high value is very small. So you would have to invest hours upon hours without any guarantee to get something out of it.

Then there is quite a percentage of uniques, that are dropped, wich are league specific. This means there have to be certain conditions met in the game, which create the possibility dor these uniques to get droppe. A specific set of Game Mechanics hast to be activated though for this to happen. Then there are also unique items which come as an upgraded version of other unique items, which can be achieved through special/ceratin quests. You can also get unique items that are representing vendor recipes, which means you first have to get all the currency items in order to create them.

And all the items above including, there are divination cards, which you can turn in for specific uniques or random uniques of a certain type.

A lot of people try to farm uniques, but keep in mind that there is no reliable way to farm a specific item. This can only be achieved if on unique item gets dropped by one certain boss or if the unique stems from a divination card. If you are after a specific item you should be able to buy it on or the official Path of Exile item listing website to contact other players that have the desired item and kindly ask them if they are willing to sell it or trade it for another currency item.

How To Trade Currency Or Items In Path of Exile?

A correctly executed trade can be completed in a few seconds. The rule of thumb is: the faster, the better. If you make a trade request to a seller, the seller may be in the process of grinding. It is therefore good etiquette to interrupt the game as briefly as possible for all parties involved.

You can find all offered items on the official trading page of the game. Here you can choose from numerous filters to find the desired item with the desired stats. If you want to get there quickly, use the “Online Only” default setting in the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner. The search will only show hits from sellers who are currently in the game. Also make sure you make the correct choice in the drop-down menu to the left. For example, if you are playing the current Metamorph League, you will need to make the appropriate setting here.

Once you have found an item that meets your requirements, there are two ways to contact the seller: To the right of the entry you will find the buttons “Whisper” and “PM”. If you click on Whisper, the page will copy a corresponding request to the clipboard. This means that in the game you only have to press Enter to open the chat and paste the text by pressing Ctrl+V. Confirm by pressing Enter and you will automatically whisper to the seller, including detailed information about the item in question. Alternatively, you can send him a message to his account via the “PM” button. However, Whisper should be much faster.

Be patient and wait for the other player

If the seller does not respond within one or two minutes, this is not unusual. Perhaps he’s in the middle of a long fight or otherwise busy. If so, just look for an alternative on the website and whisper to another player.

The following steps should always be followed, as some players consider deviating from the procedure to be a breach of etiquette. Then you will quickly end up on their ignore list. While there are exceptions that are lenient towards newcomers, you should not trust them. After all, you don’t know who you’ll be dealing with with your request. In any case, do not ask. Wait and try another player if necessary. Asking is considered rude.

Trading Currency in Path of Exile – An Overview

  • When trading in Path of Exile, there are strict unwritten laws that you should follow if possible.
  • If you want to buy something, search for the desired item on the official trading website.
  • Click on Whisper to copy all relevant information to the clipboard.
  • In the game, open the chat, press Ctrl+V and confirm with Enter. You will then whisper to the seller.
  • Wait and see if the seller answers within a minute or two. If there is no reaction, contact another player. Do not ask, it is considered rude.
  • If the player is interested, he will send you an invitation to a party. Accept and visit his hideout.
  • Wait there until the seller initiates the trade and carry out the transaction. Haggle only if no fixed price was set.
  • After the trade, say thank you briefly, leave the party and go your way.
  • On console there is only an ingame search, which does not offer very extensive filter options.

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