PUBG lag when shooting? 5 ways to reduce lag

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PUBG lag when shooting? What’s the cause of problem?

Many PUBG player experience the phenomenon that a lower frame rate in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds results in less vertical recoil, which means less upward warping of the fired weapon. This in turn is related to a lower fire rate due to the lower frame rate, so the problem only affects fully automatic weapons such as assault rifles and submachine guns.

PUBG Shooting lag

So the calculation of ballistic effects in PUBG seems to be linked to the frame rate, whereas the calculation of the firing rate is more accurate if both values are as synchronous as possible. The AKM assault rifle should be partially excluded from the problem here, but only if measured at exactly 30 or 60 FPS, which is synchronized with the AKM firing rate of one shot per 0.1 second, whereas 71 FPS, for example, would also show a deviation.

As a result, players in PUBG are at a particular disadvantage as they often have fluctuating FPS values, making it difficult to predict weapon behavior. This could be counteracted with reduced graphics details or more powerful hardware if the developers do not have a solution to the problem. For improved bug fixing and more transparency, the creators last year launched a campaign called “Fix the game!”

This problem however does not pertain lag in particular, but many player identify this issue wrongly as lag, when inacurate shooting is only the symptom of a sub-optimal designed game mechanism. If you recognize the problem from above to be yours you can rest assured that your computer’s or laptop’s internet connection is not suffering from lag. The only thing you can do is wait out the problem until it gets patched or set the graphics details of PUBG lower.

What else can be causing lag in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)?

Great guide on how to fix lagging in PUBG

Why am I only lagging on online/LAN games?

It is impossible to lag in single player mode. This is simply because lagging involves slow data traffic between multiple PCs and a server. So your PC is communicating with third parties. This is not the case in single player mode, so you cannot lag.

What do lag and the ping value have in common in PUBG?

The ping value indicates in milliseconds how long a data packet takes from your PC to the server. In most cases, this value is in the low two-digit range. Sometimes, however, it can rise to much higher values.

With a ping of 500, the delay of the packets from you to the server is therefore 0.5 seconds. The normal response time of a human being is just 0.3 seconds.

How does lag itself work?

Basically nothing else happens during lagging than your data transfer from and to the server is afflicted with considerable latencies, i.e. time losses. A data packet is sent from your PC to the server. The server in turn responds to it. If a second PC is now connected to the server, but receives the data packets much faster, you will have a “delayed” effect on this PC.

How do I know if I am lagging in PUBG?

In and of itself there are usually only two possibilities. Either you notice directly when you are lagging, or you do not notice it at all for a long time. One of the best indicators is the ping value, which you can read directly in the game in most online games. It is usually arranged in the points ranking of the players. If possible, this value should not rise much above 100ms.

Another possibility for “lag detection” is available directly in the game. If your fellow players can apparently “teleport” themselves piece by piece and you can watch enemy bullets flying, this is a good indication for a lagging PC.

How can I prevent lagging in PUBG? 5 tips to consider.

Basically many different factors influence the transfer speed to the server to your computer or gaming laptop. This means that there are several sources of interference and also optimization possibilities to establish a faster connection between said server of the game and your gaming computer or laptop:

  1. If possible, make sure that you are the only person who is currently using the network. YouTube downloads or music streaming to other PCs can have a negative effect on your Ping, and can delay stretch the time needed to send data packages.
  2. Check to see if your firewall or anti-virus program is involved in the delays. Sometimes the firewall may be slightly blocking traffic, as these programs are analyzing and filtering the network traffic coming in and going out of your computer.
  3. Only play on servers to which you have a good connection. When searching for servers in the game, you will usually be told the ping values in advance. Otherwise: Choose a server on the continent where you are located. PUBG offers a wide variety of servers all across the world. Of course if your friends are playing on another continent this can be an issue.
  4. Check the traffic management of your router. Especially if many people use the same internet connection, lagging can occur. In some routers, for example, you can set that certain traffic (e.g. via gaming ports) is given preferential treatment.
  5. Check for updates: Quit PUBG again and check the launcher to see if an update is available. Running an older version can often cause lag as an older version is not compatible with the versions of other players.

These are the main culprits of lag, but lag can be caused by many more causes. Here you can find less frequent causes of the problem, but they are still very prevalent:

  • Check your Internet connection: Check if your website is loading at normal speed. You can also perform an additional ping test via the Windows console (cmd) to check the general ping times. Restart your router if necessary.
  • Check your computer: Check for other programs running in the background that may be consuming a lot of power and CPU and close them. It is especially important to check whether another program is downloading. Clean up your PC with the CCleaner.
  • Server overloaded: Lags can also be caused by overloaded PUBG servers. In this case there is nothing else you can do. Wait a little and try to play a new round later.
  • Select the correct server region: Check that you have selected the correct server region in PUBG’s settings. For an optimal gaming experience and short ping times, you should choose a region that is closest to your location. For Germany this would be the Europe region.
  • Tip: Restart your computer and run the game only. This will ensure optimal resource availability for PUBG, while other unnecessary processes and programs are not executed.

Reduce PUBG lag by creating an optimal environment

But there are many more things you can do to create an optimal encironment, in a technical sense, to enhance the game experience in PUBG and avoid lag in the game.

First tip: Use a LAN cable

PUBG LAN cable

If you use your Wifi connection for online gaming, the culprit behind the lags may be found here. This is because, despite a fast Internet connection, data transmission is significantly slower and more delayed when using WLAN or Wifi than a direct cable connection. Therefore, get a normal network cable from an electronics store and plug it into your console or PC and into the router. With this small change alone, you could double your Internet speed and reduce the ping significantly – you’ll notice the difference immediately!

Second tip: Open the router ports

PUBG router ports

In modern routers, port sharing is actually already automatic – but many applications and games require additional protocols, which must be set up manually in the router settings. This mainly affects the NAT type for some games, which is often shown as “strict” without sharing, which is bad – an open NAT type would be ideal. However, by enabling the ports in the router settings, the respective games get all the server access they need for a smooth online experience. You can find detailed instructions on the game developer websites.

Third tip: Avoid delays by using cables instead of wireless

If you play with a controller, keyboard or mouse that communicates via Bluetooth, there can often be a small delay in your input when playing fast games. To avoid this, pro gamers always recommend using devices with cables. This keeps the input lag to a minimum and gives you a decisive advantage in every online game.

How to increase FPS in Playerunknown’s Battleground?

The FPS in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds can sometimes get pretty bad – and the lag is life-threatening in the game and has a negative impact on the game experience. The tricks we show you here can increase your FPS in PUBG, however we can not guarantee by how much you will be able to increase the FPS as it is dependent on many individual factors. These are the things you can do to increase the FPS in PUBG.

  • First you can adjust the 3D settings of the respective graphics card.
  • To do this, simply go to the control panel of the graphics card. This can usually be found under the icons in the taskbar, next to the clock.
  • Then click on “Manage 3D settings”.
  • Here you now have the choice between “Global settings” and specific “Program settings”. Select the latter.
  • With a click on “Add” you can now add Playunknown’s Battlegrounds. In the program list it should say “tslGame”, just look for the logo of the game.
  • Now you can adjust the settings of the respective functions. Here you should set the better performance everywhere and not what might look nicer.
  • The program gives you a comprehensive explanation for each function, so you can easily find and select good settings.
  • For some functions you will have to try a little bit, because not every system runs equally well or badly. So please start the game from time to time to try out the settings.
  • In addition to this step, you can enter a startup parameter for the game in Steam. This can also boost the performance.
  • You can access the properties by right-clicking on the game in the Steam library.
  • Directly in the first tab you will find the setting “Set start options“. There you enter the parameter “-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4”, of course without the quotation marks.

We hope that these tricks help you to increase your FPS in PUBG and reduce lag. So now you don’t have any excuses anymore, why you are always dying so early 😉

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