Rocket League Not Detecting Controller

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Rocket League not detecting controller

Many Rocket League players notice that the professionals of the game are overwhelmingly playing the game in Leagues and tournaments on a controller. As many want to get better, they want to adopt the same techniques, gear, and tools that the pros are using. However when switching from keyboard and mouse to playing with a controller, many users face connection issues with Rocket League.

Rocket league pros

Why playing Rocket League with controller is better?

There are mayn pros and cons to each, playing Rocket League with a controller or keyboard. But if you take an objective stance the controller seems to have more pros than cons if you get it to function reliably.

I play KBM and I have met very few players that play KBM. By and large the vast majority or players/ GOOD players play on controller because many SARP veterans came from ps3 and many of the future great rocket league players switched from ps4. I personally think it’s delusion that controller is BETTER than KBM but there are certainly pros and cons to each way of playing. Consider this, how many times have you gotten scored on and heard a controller player say “my cable got unplugged” vs a KBM player saying “my keyboard got disconnected”. The amount of games I have lost because of somebody’s controller malfunctions is pretty infuriating. Even in a Pro level game Sad Junior’s controller malfunctioned and he played the rest of a game on a keyboard lol.

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Most players agree that playing with a controller is a far superior way than playing with a keyboard and mouse combo. The main reason for that is, because there are wy more movement options available on controller than on a keyboard. Turning with 4 keys on the keyboard (‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’) enables you only to turn in 8 directions, if you count the 45 degree angles. Controllers offer a far superior spectrum of movement. Even on a low sensitivity controller you can turn 15 degrees also. This offers you a lot more options in a match of Rocket League. However it takes a considerable amount of time to get used to it, especially if you played with a keyboard and a mouse before. It can almost feel like learning the game from scratch again, but ultimately it will make you a better player.

Also around 150 hour mark i made a controller switch, you will suck really mad when you start playing with a controller both because of not being used to it but also because of the keybinds which honestly suck (if default) there is some great keybinds in the video aswell. If you wanna use controller keep playing and you will get the hang of it.

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Rocket league stats

A survey of over 5000 Rocket League players shows that most are playing with a controller. Across all players an overwhelming 79% are playing with controller. Especially in the midfield of the ranks most players tend to play with a controller. Interesting is the falling ratio of players playing with controller the higher the rank is. Maybe higher ranked players see some advantages in playing with a keyboard instead of a controller compared to lower ranked players.

What’s also interesting is the distribution of average number of hours played for the different ranks. Most of the players have an average playtime of around 600 hours. If you want to join the prestigous Grand Champion Rank you better step up your game. Over 1200 hours of average playtime is necessary to join the best of the best.

How to fix Rocket League not detecting controller?

A lot of Rocket League players report connecttion and connectivity problmes while playing with a controller. Rocket League is mostly played on steem, so many players play the game via the Steem platform and connect their gaming controller for Rocket League with a computer running on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. But there might be a problem with Steem, as most players having connection problems with their controllers play Rocket League on Steem.

What’s the reason Rocket League doesn’t Identify Controllers?

Although many players reporting a connection problem with their controller are playing Rocket League on Steem, the cloud gaming platform does not seem to be the only cause of this problem. We identified anumber of reasons for your controller not getting recognized by Steem or even your operating system. We identified the following issues which can trigger the controller connection issues:

  • Input Per-Game setting on Steam is not disabled – Many users report of having connection issues beacuse of the Steem Big Picture setting. Apparantly the setting can lead to a bug where the controller does not connect with the game platform anymore. you can solve the issue by setting the Input per game to off or disabled.
  • The controller Settings menu is not configured correctly – Also a common problem for the controller connection problem in Steem is the wrong configuration in the controller settings menu. Try to change the settings in the menu in order to get the controller to work again. The manual of your controller should contain the right settings in order to get it to work properly.
  • Driver version of the controller is wrong or too old – This problem often occurs when you try to play with an older controller. Maybe you confgured it already a long time ago and now want to use it again for Rocket League. Often times Driver and configurations can change over time. You can check the device manager to see if it is still configured correctly. If not you can check the manufacturer website for driver updates or configuration changes.
  • Controller firmware not configured for Steem – This issue is common amongst users that want to use very old controllers or controllers that are not a mainstream product. Often times these controllers only have generic frimware for general use. But Steem is a bit special as it requires a compatible controller ussually. However today most producers of controllers offer Steam compatible frimwares for their products.
  • Low quality controller causing issues – In general you canmake life a lot easier if you only use mainstream high-quality controllers from well-known manufacturers, like the PS4 controller or an Xbox Controller. Lower price controllers often cause connectivity problems as the firmware is not very comprehensive for all use cases. A solution to these lower segment controller models is often third party firmware which can translate XInput to DirectInput. That’s how you can use these controllers also with Steam.
  • Rocket League in game settings not configured right – Often times the controller not working right can be caused by user error. Before you start playing Rocket League with your controller, make sure you configured the right control settings in the Rocket League settings menu. By changing the in-game control settings you can resolve the problme of the controller not working or connecting properly.
  • USB Headphones or other devices disturb the controller detection – Many gamers are using headphones or headsets while playing. Some of these ar connected via USB. Sometimes the Steam system recognizes these devices as a controller and therefore doesn’t connect to the real controller as it is not recognized because of the other devices. But the solution is very simple: Make sure your PC or Laptop recognizes the controller first before connecting other USB devices.

Steam-Overlay: Functions

How to enable Steam-Overlay

The Steam-Overlay is an often underestimated killer feature of the game client, which lets you do everything you want to do while playing. With the Steam-Overlay you don’t have to finish a game first or “tab-out” for a moment to set the right music, chat with friends or find out about guides or walkthroughs. In this section we show you what you can do with the Steam Overlay.

Once you get used to the many functions of the Steam-Overlay, you won’t want to miss them anymore. Maybe you’ve already caught yourself hammering on Shift + Tab to open the Steam-Overlay in a game you started from GOG Galaxy, Origin or Uplay. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, you should read the next paragraphs carefully to get an overview of the functions of the overlay.

Steam-Overlay: Guides, Forum & Webbrowser

Whether you’re struggling with the level boss, can’t solve a puzzle, or have forgotten how to use a particular feature in the game, the game’s Steam Guides or discussion forum should be able to help. These will also be presented in tiles as soon as you open the Steam Overlay.

But even if you can’t find a solution to your problem, you can always launch Steam’s own web browser from the overlay and browse the web. Of course you can also use the browser to quickly check your e-mails or read the latest game news.

Steam Overlay: Chat & Voice Chat

One of the probably most used features of the Overlay is the chat. No matter what game you or your friends are playing, you can always communicate with your Steam friends through the Overlay. You can also invite players directly to the server you are playing on.

If you are in the same game as your friends, you can also use the voice chat. This means you don’t need any additional programs like TeamSpeak or Skype to talk to each other while you’re playing.

Steam overlay: music control

With a reasonable media player you can also set global hotkeys, so that you can control your own music in the game, but with the Steam Overlay you don’t have to run another program in the background. With the Overlay you can easily access Steam Music to play your own music collection, create playlists and add music of your choice to every game.

Steam-Overlay: Additional Features

But the Steam Overlay offers even more functions. For example, if you’ve lost a nice screenshot, the Steam Overlay allows you to view your F12 screenshots at any time and sort them out if an action shot doesn’t work.

With Steam’s own FPS display, Valve has introduced a feature that many PC gamers have long wanted. But if the FPS display gets in the way of your normal game play, you can also turn it off using the Steam overlay. The overlay also allows you to access the normal Steam settings without leaving the running game.

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